Simple Ways to Find the Best Online Games


Online games are a fantastic way to relax while you enjoy the challenge of a puzzle, crush some candy, battle zombies, or increase your vocabulary. Although there are countless games available for your phone and computer, finding them can be difficult. If you can relate, keep reading as we explore several simple methods you can use to find the best online games available, no matter which genre you like.

Your Phone’s App Store

The app store for your Android or Apple phone offers a gateway to more games than you’ll ever have time for. Google’s Play Store offers nearly half a million games to choose from, and Apple’s App Store doesn’t have as many, but a quarter million is still solid! You’ll find a massive variety of options, from one-person card games like Solitaire to cooperative action and shooter titles like Call of Duty. The stores also help you find new possibilities by not just presenting the latest and greatest but also considering which games you played the most and making recommendations based on those.

Both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store make downloading games easy. In most cases, all you’ll need is an email and password, which is likely already stored on your device.

Microsoft and Apple’s Stores

Although Microsoft isn’t too active on the mobile gaming front like Apple and Android, it still offers a good source for gaming on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. The Microsoft Store offers far fewer games than its mobile competitors, but the titles are generally of higher quality, like Minecraft, the Candy Crush series, and the racing game Forza.

One of the potential upsides to the Microsoft and Apple game stores is that software is likely included on your computer already, so you don’t exactly have to go hunting around for it.

Ask Google

Google does well in providing links to great gaming websites based on what you ask for. For example, if you search for casino games, Google will offer a variety of popular slot sites that fit what you like. The best part about asking Google is that you’ll find apps you can install on your phone and websites dedicated to browser-based games you can play on a tablet, phone, or computer without installation. You’ll likely see as an option, and PC Gamer provides a curated selection with their writeup on the best games available for your browser, which we suggest you check out before sorting through all those options.

If you are looking for downloadable computer games, Google remains a good source, though our next suggestion might do a better job of leading the way.

Game Download Platforms

During your journey to find good online games, you should also check out software platforms with massive catalogues of great downloadable games. Valve’s Steam sets the industry standard for overall quality as independent developers and more established companies make their games available. Major game makers like Epic, EA, and others make similar offerings with just their titles available. We would still select Steam as the best option, with more than 73,000 games available and a solid review from PC Mag, but don’t be afraid to check out Epic and others. They have phenomenal games, too!

Gaming Publications

The era of gaming publications writing reviews and making recommendations is (fortunately) not quite over in the UK and worldwide. Edge magazine has been published in the United Kingdom since 1993. It’s not quite for casual gamers, but if you want in-depth suggestions for the best games to play online, they could be a solid source. IGN, Game Informer, and GameSpot continue offering opinions about which games are best, which could help you if you are seeking a mainstream online game.

If you are looking for a game that will keep you interested for months, these publications can provide the detailed review you need to determine whether a title matches your interests. Many 1980s and 1990s kids relied upon these sources to guide video game buying or renting decisions, and that trend continues today!

Social Media

Many social media platforms have built-in games. Facebook, for example, has introduced millions of people to games like FarmVille and a multitude of other titles since it was launched in 2004. While the numbers fluctuate, Facebook remains the third most visited website in the United Kingdom, coming second only to YouTube and Google. The games section isn’t hard to find, but Facebook helps push users in the right direction by showing ads for similar games they currently play online.

You can also join communities dedicated to finding and playing online games and chat with people who love the same ones as you. That’s part of the purpose of a social network like Facebook! Finally, consider sharing your scores and accomplishments so that others seeking good games know where to look for their next favourite app. Who knows, you may help someone out!


Thankfully, there are many ways to find a new game for your smartphone or computer. From apps like the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, and Apple Store preexisting on your device to asking Google for help, there is no shortage of options worth playing. Beyond that, Facebook remains a great way to find your next challenge, and your computer and handheld devices offer access to excellent platforms like Steam. Good luck finding your next game—we’re sure it’ll be easy!


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