4 Most Common Types of Slot Features Explained

4 Most Common Types of Slot Features Explained (1)

There are a number of features that slots have and offer players that make them engaging, appealing, and potentially rewarding. While on the face of things, they can often look overwhelming, they are typically very easy to understand and play once an individual’s head is around the game’s mechanics.

A game will often feature a grid in which symbols will appear. This can take shape in any number of ways, although developers usually use a traditional 5-reel, 3-row formation as standard practice. There are other instances whereby slots can feature more or fewer reels and rows, with Megaways titles known for their variable usage in-game, as each spin provides a different number of rows, thus impacting the number of win ways that are available.

The symbols that can be found in the game will be the key to triggering any potential positive outcome. Standard paytable symbols will provide a payout when the criteria of the game have been set out. This will normally involve two or three symbols being adjacent to each other as a minimum and from the left-most reel, but slot titles can vary.

However, there is so much more to these games than these basic aspects. While they are the things that make the titles run smoothly and provide the basic part of the gameplay experience, there is so much more that software providers continue to cram into each title to capture players’ imaginations.

While it is evident that numerous themes are being used, players want to be able to choose from a platform that provides them with diverse titles that have various features. A quick browse of the red32 games dedicated page highlights the importance of offering as many as possible, as the operator clearly recognizes and appreciates what players are looking for, as they have gone to great lengths to try and keep their members satisfied.

What are the four most common features of a slot game?

Slot games may come in different shapes and sizes – hence their popularity – but many of them will share four of the same common features. These are almost standard practices across the industry, as they can be seen in titles more often than not.

4 Most Common Types of Slot Features Explained (2)

Win ways

Having already alluded to how win ways can be different across slot titles, it is still a common aspect of a game. They can come in various quantities, with players able to win from as few as one or as many as thousands.

Some games will use traditional lines to provide the payline that is available. These can often be found on the side of the playing grid or in the info tab of the game’s help area. However, there are also games that feature other ways of winning, with clusters often being the other common option. These will see wins formed when matching symbols form in a bunch or grouping.

Special symbols

Special symbols can come in various ways, with wilds and scatters often the main way. Each of them depends on the game’s rules, as they can be used for different things.

Wilds are often used to substitute traditional pay symbols to complete winning sequences, but they can also activate other features. Scatters are traditionally used to trigger bonus games, often being free spins games. Other bonus symbols can be made available, with some providing players the opportunity to win the jackpot prize if the game includes one.

Bonus rounds

In today’s slot game era, bonus rounds have become more and more prevalent. Software developers have included these games as they recognize players want more and more from their games and would be willing to spend more if they have a chance of triggering one.

Bonus games can come in various forms, with free spins among the main ones. Respins, expanding special symbols, and pick-em-style games can often be made available, as they add an element of excitement and potential win reward to the game that is being played.

Win boosters

Win boosters are often added to slots by developers to encourage players to play as often as possible. They can come in the form of nudges, avalanches, cascading reels, and respins.

These features will often allow players to potentially add more wins to their account, as they are often only triggered when a win or one that is close to being achieved is obtained.


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