Changes in Gambling Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Changes in Gambling Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic main

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our mental health severely. Because of this, concerns have arisen on the potentially increasing online behavior and gambling addictions. Policymakers have raised their concerns on the possible changes in gambling behavior amid the pandemic.

This article will tackle addictive gambling behavior and how it has changed throughout the pandemic.

Changes in Gambling Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Statistics show an increase in online gambling amid the pandemic because of the restrictions and lockdowns. As more people are looking for an escape from boredom and stressors, this may be a new activity. Other times, people go back to online gambling after a break or use this to maintain urges when they were used to going to casinos.

Experts have said that gambling appears to increase and that stress is a major risk factor for it. More visits to novomatic slots might also come from the difficulties associated with finances, issues with relationships, along with the possibility of unemployment.

There is such a thing as the game and economic behavior as well, where gambling problems have increased after financial crises. With more people at risk of unemployment and the economy at stake from the pandemic, there’s a big possibility that the behavior has been altered.

With that said, a web survey study from Sweden shows that the number of individuals reporting a gambling increase was smaller compared to the number reporting of a decrease. However, while a majority of survey takers reported no change, the gambling impact and behavior study concluded that the increase of overall gambling and its specific types is associated with having gambling problems prior to the pandemic.

Take note that this is a survey study from Sweden, and population data is still limited in terms of actual gambling habits amid this COVID-19 pandemic.

Changes in Gambling Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic keyboard

What’s Happening to the Sports Gambling Market?

It isn’t only people’s behavior that has been impacted by gambling today. There have been effects on the different types of gambling that are played today.

With the world on a standstill, sports subject to sports betting have disappeared for a long period. Because of this, along with other effects of other online behaviors from COVID-19-related restrictions, it might be hypothesized that there are gambling types that may be favored over others.

Rather than sports betting, people who have sports betting habits might turn to other gambling types that have even higher addictive potential, like online casino games. Earlier in the pandemic, politicians took legal action in fear of this transition, limiting gambling advertising and proposed other limits to online gambling.

Even with the proposals to limit online gambling, this type of gambling appears to have been less affected by the pandemic. As restrictions are easing and countries are going back to normal, follow-up studies are required to see how gambling behaviors would change in the post-acute phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While online gambling types are now more common compared to land-based gambling types, more sports bettors have experienced a higher degree of gambling problems. Interestingly, there is one gambling type that has demonstrated the opposite trend, which is online horse bettors. This group experienced fewer gambling problems compared to pre-pandemic days.

Konstantin Terekhin is the author of this piece on online gambling. If you would like to learn more about his insights, you can find more here.

Wrapping It Up

There have been various changes in gambling behavior since the pandemic began, from how people play down to the types of gambling trending today. If you or your loved one struggle with online gambling, do find the support and treatment you need.


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