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By Kirsty Reid

With hybrid working the new norm, many people are beginning to invest in their home office set-up – and their wellbeing. We all know that being hunkered down at a desk for eight (or more) hours a day isn’t good for our physical or mental health, but what choice do you have if your nine-to-five leaves you tied to your desk all day? Well, one option that could help is a standing desk.

Having spent 18 years sat behind a desk, I was keen to know: are standing desks worth investing in or just a gimmick? Not wanting to commit to a standing-only desk, a sit-stand desk seemed like a smart choice. So, when I was offered the chance to try a Yo-Yo DESK, I jumped at the chance…

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What Yo-Yo DESK say:

“At Yo-Yo DESK our passion is to improve office health by designing high quality standing desk solutions at prices affordable to everyone. By enabling more people to sit less and move more, our solutions are improving wellness and productivity across the globe. All Yo-Yo DESK® standing desks have been designed by ergonomic experts – with ‘ease of use’ central to our design philosophy. Yo-Yo DESK is an official supplier to Active Working and sponsor of the Get Britain Standing campaign, which has dramatically grown awareness of the sitting disease and the health benefits of sitting less and moving more at work.”

Key features:
Digital display control panel with memory settings
Anti-collision and anti-thermal protection
Extendable frame to fit multiple widths
Robust and stable: reinforced steel frame and feet
Lift capacity of 100kg
Energy efficient: switched mode power supply
Powerful lifting: smooth and silent
Port-holes (plastic) provided as standard for all sizes (except small 120×80/70cm), option to upgrade to metal grommets for added elegance
Seven-year warranty

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My experience:

There are two delivery options – self-assembly (arrives in 1-2 days) or free installation (7-12 days), opting for the latter meant the set up was simple and stress-free. It took the assembler about an hour to build the desk in my chosen room. As for the packaging, that’s taken care of too, with the assembler taking it away for disposal. The whole process couldn’t be smoother.

For a techy piece of kit, I’m surprised by how stylish it is. The black frame offers a brilliant contrast to the timber desktop (alternative colours are available) and perfectly complements my office decor. It’s sturdy too. The robust steel frame provides a solid base for the desktop which can hold up to 100kg, making it a good option for anyone who needs to have a lot of stuff on their desk.

I opted for the medium-sized desk. At 140x80cm, it provides plenty of work space with capacity for a single or dual monitor set-up, room for a keyboard, mouse, and even a printer!

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A bit of a neat freak, I love the cable tray. Keeping pesky wires out of sight and out of mind not only helps me stay focused, but also allows for a clutter-free working space. The cables are easy to access too – simply elevate the desk to full height (130cm) and you have ample space to adjust wires/plugs without banging your head!

Another bonus is that my new workspace is mobile, thanks to heavy-duty castor wheels (optional extra at £25), allowing me to manoeuvre it hassle-free.

Though I have carpet in my office, I still reap the benefits from the anti-fatigue Yo-Yo mat (£65 for a medium). It’s super-comfy and provides much-needed support for my feet, allowing me to work standing for longer.

When I am ready to sit down, the smart-looking control panel allows the height to be adjusted in such a seamless manner that you could even do it mid-meeting.

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The verdict:

An elegant-looking and impressive piece of kit. Different sizing options are available, but I feel the medium is just right for me, providing a practical workspace that complements my office.

I’m pleasantly surprised by just how smooth and quick the transition from sit to stand can be, and the beauty of having a sit-stand desk is that I can stay on my feet for as long as I feel comfortable and sit down whenever I like.

It’s still early days, but I’m certainly of the opinion that standing desks aren’t just a gimmick. After a week’s use, I’m finding myself working standing for longer periods of the day. I feel more productive and have the added bonus of keeping my legs, core and lower back engaged while I work. For me, the Yo-Yo DESK Pro2+ deserves a standing ovation.

The Yo-Yo DESK Pro 2+ is available in six sizes and a range of colours, with prices starting from £749.95
See yo-yodesk.co.uk for options.


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