Oclean X10 Smart Electric Toothbrush – Review

Oclean X10 Smart Toothbrush Review

By Steve Crabtree

There’s something about getting a new toothbrush, isn’t there? Something that makes you give your gnashers a good, confident clean the first time you use it. And that confidence convinces you that you’ve bought the best toothbrush ever when you run your tongue around your teeth after that first clean. Then it just becomes a bit normal, doesn’t it.

So, when I got my hands on the Oclean X10, I was determined to put it through its paces for a good 30 days before I made my mind up. See how it performed over a long period of time, and don’t let myself be fooled by that first brush feeling.

I’ve been using it now for a month. So…what do I think?

“Longer and narrower head”

Firstly, when you get the Oclean X10 out of the box and hold it in your hand you notice it’s shape and size. It’s very different from your standard electric toothbrush.  It’s got a longer and narrower head and body than any toothbrush I’ve used before, and when you use it, it lets you get a phenomenal reach to those difficult spots towards the back of your mouth. Really impressive.

And it’s very quiet too.  Ok, you’re never going to wake the neighbours with your toothbrush when you clean your teeth before bed, but at just 45db, it’s slight hum makes for a nicer few minutes than you get with other brushes.

First impressions of the brush were great. But, let’s delve a little deeper in to what the Oclean X10 has to offer.

Oclean X10 Smart Toothbrush Review

“Kinder to your teeth”

The Oclean X10 is a smart electric toothbrush. And what it does is time your cleaning for two minutes. With its in-built technology it knows where your brush has been in your mouth, and for how long, and rates your clean when your time is up.

It comes with a variety of settings and intensities to suit your needs for brushing, and they’re controlled by easy to use buttons on the body of the brush. It cleans with sonic vibrations, so it feels like it’s being kinder to your teeth and gums, and I really like that part.

The wall-mounted, magnetic storage disc that is included is a useful bathroom space-saver too. And I love the fact that it charges up via a USB Type-C cable. Meaning I don’t have to have one of those ugly, bulky holsters when I’m out of battery. I just plug it in where my phone charges up, which is great for when you go away.  After 30 days, I still had 13% battery left, and within a few hours it’s ready to go again. (The battery life in itself is brilliant).

“Great idea”

After your two minutes of cleaning are up, the Oclean X10 gives you a star rating of how well you’ve cleaned your teeth. Or, it tells you what you’ve missed and where you need to do better, giving you an optional ten seconds to sort this out. A great idea, and perhaps it gives you a bigger sense of achievement when you see a smiley emoji or a thumbs up than it really should!

But, this part also brings its first clunk in the system for me. Around 80% of the time the Oclean X10 tells me that I’ve missed cleaning the back of my top teeth on the right side.  So, I’ve made extra effort and spent extra time on this area of my mouth with subsequent brushes, but it’s still telling me off!  I’ve given it a good minute or more on occasions, but still it tells me to do better. So, I’m guessing that perhaps not all brushing techniques suit the tech.

What I will say though, is that the comfort and ease of use of the brush is fantastic. I think it’d be hard to switch back to the bulkier types of brush made by other people.

“A good option”

Oclean X10 Smart Toothbrush Review

In a nutshell, the Oclean X10:

  • Has a smart display, visualisation of tooth brushing results
  • Gives 40,000 RPM motor cleaning power
  • Comes with a 60-day long battery life
  • Has a super quiet of Noise<45dB
  • Has 5 brushing modes, easily adjust brushing mode
  • Charges via USB Type-C cable.

After 30 days, to look at it, the brush head seems fully in-tact without any perishing. But, one month in I don’t feel that the results after a two minute brush are giving my teeth as good a clean as it should be.  Using my tongue, I feel that some bits between my teeth still need work, and I generally have to give those bits another hard once over.

And although you can’t adjust the two minute timer on the brush, it pauses slightly every 30 seconds. This allows you to judge when to change direction with the brush, and clean another section of your mouth. It’s also waterproof, for those of you who clean your teeth in the shower.

All in all, if you’re looking for a smart toothbrush, or are keen to upgrade your current one, then the Oclean X10 is a good option. It has all the features you want in a smart toothbrush without the need to connect to your phone and use an app.

Its body design is its biggest plus point for me, and a brush I’ll continue to use for a little while longer yet.

Available in blue, pink or grey – the Oclean X10 retails at £84.99. For more info, visit uk.oclean.com


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