Edifier D12 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Edifier D12 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

By Steve Crabtree

I love music. Always have. And I wreaked havoc on my eardrums by having my Walkman up far too loud when I was a teenager. I had neighbours complain about my music in my very early adulthood, and my days of working in bars and attending live gigs means these massive things on the side of my head have always been exposed to music at its fullest volumes.

Today, I still love my sounds to come with a bit of volume. But more on the respectful side of loud than wondering if the plaster is going to crack, or if a picture is going to fall off a wall.

I’d been consuming my music at home via Google smart speakers over the last two years. They’ve done a nice job, but they lack something. What they don’t do is deliver sound to you with that special feeling. I missed that rich bass and those crystal clear vocals, and I realise that they just don’t set a mood.  You can hear the music, but you can’t feel the music.

So, it was time to try something new. And, a couple of weeks ago a delivery driver knocked on the door and handed me an Edifier D12 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker.  Could this be the piece of kit to take me back to those better-quality sound kind of days?

What’s in the box?

  • One Edifier D12 Speaker
  • 1x 12 button remote control
  • 1x pair of phono-to-phono leads
  • 1x pair of phono to Jack leads
  • Instruction booklet

So, this speaker came out of the box, and as far as Bluetooth speakers go, this one is a substantial bit of home audio. A very sturdy piece of kit, and when you’ve got it in your hands, it has that quality feel about it.  It also reminds me of handling good quality speakers that music fans clamoured for in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The sort that came with your hi-fi or stereo system. Some of the Bluetooth speakers on the market today, although perform nicely, don’t have that presence about them.

This does. I like it.

Edifier D12 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

“Quick and easy”

But it was about connecting it up and listening to it.  I had the option of connecting via RCA or AUX inputs, or through Bluetooth.  Which is what I chose to do.

Firstly, the connection was quick and easy.  A couple of clicks on my phone, and I was there.  I’ve said recently that Bluetooth connection has improved considerably over the last few years – and it needed to.  Fiddly processes aren’t what today’s tech should be about.

My phone and the Edifier D12 had met.  And they had a connection.  So, it was time to choose a track to listen to, and give the speaker a whirl…

Our house tends to play British indie music, soul and disco, 80s classics, themes from musicals…basically, we’re as eclectic as you get here.  But I was about to give the Edifier D12 it’s initiation task…

Edifier D12 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

What Edifier promises:

  • Versatile Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0, RCA, AUX inputs available. Line-out port if you ever want to add an extra subwoofer or active speakers.
  • Wooden Enclosure – Quality wooden enclosure minimizes acoustic resonance and outputs a rich and warm sound.
  • Studio-Like Sound Quality – Total 70 watts (RMS) of distortion-free power output. 2 x 4-inch woofers for optimum bass response and naturally fine-tuned sound produced from 2 x 19mm silk dome tweeter.
  • Super Easy Control – Three top-mounted knobs are designed for easy adjustment of treble, bass, and volume/input. Wireless remote control for easy control of the speaker from a distance.
  • 2 Year Warranty – Guaranteed high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and labour warranty for two years in UK.

So, with the phone connected, speaker placed and Spotify with a couple of songs lined up it was time for that all-important first listen. I went for it with ‘Forget Me Nots’ by Patrice Rushen, followed by ‘The Limit of a Man‘ by Stone Foundation. If there was ever an official legal process to test the performance of speakers, these two songs should be lawfully included in it.

And wow.  What can I say?  The sound that came out of this unit was simply incredible.  You’re probably familiar with ‘Forget Me Nots’ but check it out if you need a reminder. Its bassline is up there with the most famous basslines in music, and the echoey handclaps, crisp synths and hips-and-shoulder swing-inducing percussion means it has much going on. But fused together perfectly.  “The Limit Of A Man’ is a soulful mod-style number with strings, keys and brass elements, that helps to form a special mood.


Anyway, how did the Edifier D12 put out these two tunes?  The answer…it absolutely nailed them. And we had a whole household raising our eyebrows when the track started playing.

The way it handled the basslines on both tracks was sublime.  The delicate synths and the vocals balanced superbly, and our living room had music playing with an output I’d not heard in the home in years.  Where had this speaker been all my days?  We left Stone Foundation playing for a couple of hours, because it had set a mood.  I honestly can’t explain how impressed we were.

I didn’t have the need to adjust the bass or treble, it sounded perfect the way it came. However, I’m sure that those who like to tinker with controls would find an even better level of sound.  There’s also a remote control supplied, but for some reason I preferred to get up and go across to turn the volume control on the unit myself. Maybe that’s something that I’ve missed over the years too…precise control and all that.

And let’s not forget, I was streaming this via Bluetooth – connecting a turntable via the AUX in connection would surely impress even more.

Edifier D12 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Tech Spec

Total Output Power (RMS)
R/L (treble): 15W + 15W
R/L (mid-range and bass): 20W + 20W

Driver Units
Tweeter: Φ19mm × 2
Mid-bass driver: 4 inch × 2

Audio Inputs
AUX, Line in, Bluetooth

Bluetooth Version

Dimensions (W x H x D)
359mm × 159mm × 203.5mm

Net Weight

Edifier D12 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

The Verdict

This is marketed in certain places as a Bookshelf speaker. And for me, that perhaps misleads you into thinking it’s a token Bluetooth speaker, of the cheap and cheerful kind. I think it undermines the product, as there’s no way my Edifier D12 is going on a bookshelf somewhere.  It really delivers, and for me, I don’t think it’s unfair to suggest it does the job that many decent floor-standing speakers can do.

It’s now our main music speaker.  It’s sitting proudly in the living room, with its place in and amongst our other TV and audio equipment.  We connect it to our TV, and use it when we’re watching a live gig on YouTube, or watching a movie.  The difference it makes in both situations is

I’m truly blown away by what this piece of kit can do, and its output is lovely.  It carries power, and it delivers clear sounds.  And you’re getting a lot of punch for your money too – it’s more that a token gesture to get music playing.  It’s a solid speaker that lets you enjoy, appreciate, and really feel the music.

Suitable for the lounge, bedroom, office or garden bar – I promise there won’t be any disappointment when you get yours.

Well done, Edifier.  You’ve made one hell of an impression on these ears.

The Edifier D12 is available to buy from amazon.co.uk, current RRP: £99.99


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