Add These Items to Your To-Do List If You Live in an Older Home

Add These Items to Your To-Do List If You Live in an Older Home floorboards

Do you own an older home? Have you lived in your home for quite some time now and you’re starting to notice signs of wear and tear? Sometimes it’s not so much about the visual clues. There are things you need to stay on top of even if they don’t appear to be causing issues. Homeownership is a wonderful thing, but it also involves constant maintenance to ensure repairs are few and far between.

Let’s take a look at some important items to add to your to-do list this year if you live in an older home.

Address Those Squeaky Floorboards That are Driving You Crazy

If you have hardwood flooring in your older home then there is a good chance you know all about squeaky floorboards. This can happen over time and what may seem minor in the beginning eventually becomes quite annoying, especially if more floorboards start squeaking. Did you also know that fixing squeaky floorboards can help prevent draughts, which is important in terms of energy conservation?

So, how do you fix the floorboards? You’ll need some screws and a hammer that has a claw for this job. Start by pulling out the nails holding the floorboard in place, and then reattach it with a screw this time to ensure the fit is snug. Experts say in some cases this still may not be enough, especially if the floorboard has become warped or misshapen, and replacement of the board itself may be necessary.

A New Front Door Provides All Kinds of Benefits

The front door of the house is something that can make quite the impression, but it’s more than just a design feature. The door is there for security, and it’s meant to keep the elements out. Over time, if you haven’t replaced the door or the door frame, you will probably notice air leaking in/out, there may be damage to the door and the paint may be starting to fade and even chip. Each of these signs should prompt you to start shopping around for a new door.

If the door frame is still in relatively good shape, and the seal is still intact on the frame, then you may just be able to give it a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.

Add These Items to Your To-Do List If You Live in an Older Home electrics

When Is the Last Time Your Electrical Installations Were Tested?

Did you know that electricians suggest that private electrical installations done on domestic properties should be tested about every 10 years? It’s one of those things you may realise and is at the back of your head, but before you know it a full decade has gone by and you want to be sure you stay on top of things.

For these residences, you’ll neen an EICR certificate, which is an electrical installation condition report done by a registered electrician. The reason this report is done is to ensure the electrical installations are still safe, and that they don’t pose a risk to any people or livestock on the property. And the length of time between reports differs depending on the type of property, or any time there is a change in usage of the domestic property or change of occupancy on that property. This is a great time for homeowners to ask questions about any electrical concerns.

The inspection takes a look at many important items all to do with your fixed electrical items and wiring. Everything needs to be compliant and safe, meeting the current wiring regulations. If it’s been 10 years or more since you did an EICR on your domestic property, you can book your assessment here.

Even Mature Trees and Bushes Need Yearly Attention

A great thing about mature trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers is that they tend to be relatively maintenance-free. At this point, they are probably thriving, but they can get to be a bit much in terms of size. When greenery gets overgrown your entire garden starts to look disorganised and even a bit unkempt. This should be a clear sign that it’s time for some attention.

Pruning trees and bushes in the spring is typically the best time of year to do so. You can help give them shape for the upcoming growing season, and ensure that each item stays healthy and strong. Depending on the tree or bush, it may even benefit from a pretty substantial trimming. This gets rid of old dead limbs and branches.

If you have large mature trees on your property that aren’t in the best condition, it may be best to have a professional arborist come out and take a look. They can trim the tree properly and safely, plus check to ensure it doesn’t have any diseases that may need treatment.

Keeping Your Older Home Safe and Beautiful Looking

These projects are meant to keep your home safe, in good condition and of course beautiful looking now and in the future.


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