Relocating To A Bigger Home: What You Need To Know

Relocating To A Bigger Home What You Need To Know main

For many of us, space is a key factor when choosing a home. We want as much space as we can afford so that we have enough space to spread out and relax.

Recently, the pandemic has made homebuyers change their priorities, and many UK residents are now seeking larger homes with bigger gardens and space for home offices.

Remote working was vital during the pandemic, and it remains popular even now that the world has reopened.

Anyone who works from home, either full-time or for a few days a week, needs a dedicated space to work from, which might necessitate moving to a larger property.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to relocate to a larger home soon, then here’s everything you need to take into account.

Find The Right Mortgage Deal For You

Choosing a mortgage deal can be a challenge, as there are many options out there. There are also a lot of factors to consider, including your financial situation. If you have other debts, then you might find that your credit rating isn’t good enough for some lenders. Thankfully, it is possible to get a bad credit mortgage. Consider using a specialist mortgage company like MoneyNest, which specialises in finding the best deals for anyone with bad credit. You’ll then be able to get the right deal at the right price. When your mortgage is confirmed, and you have an agreement in principle, you can put your offer in and get the home-buying process started.

Think About Usability And What You Want From Your Home

With a mortgage in principle confirmed and an understanding of how much you have to spend on your new, larger home, you can start checking out listings and going to viewings. When you’re looking for a large home, it’s important that you don’t review each property based exclusively on square footage. A property might seem large, but homes with high ceilings or awkwardly-shaped rooms might not be usable. Also, if you’re looking for a home with a bigger garden, then you need to make sure that you get enough outdoor space when reviewing properties. Whatever your needs, you have to make sure that you find the right home for you and every member of your household.

Review Your New Household Running Costs

Another core factor you need to consider when you’re budgeting for your new home and preparing for a move into a bigger house is how much it will cost you to run the property. Larger homes usually cost more to heat and light and might require more maintenance. Additionally, bills such as council tax are often higher for larger properties, as the homes are worth more money. Cleaning a large home might take more time and require more power for appliances such as your hoover, so you need to factor this into your budget. With so many increased costs, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the higher costs of running a large home. Create an adjusted budget that will help you to understand how much running your large home will cost and ensure that you’re prepared for these rising bills.

Learn How To Decorate Large Rooms

The design and layout of your home will have a significant effect on your well-being and happiness. As such, you need to prioritise finding the right décor and creating your dream space. Decorating a large room is very different from decorating a small one, so if you’ve never lived in a big property, you might want to learn how to make the most of a large room. Whatever the purpose of your room, you can find ways to make the most of the space and make a room feel comfortable and welcoming. It can be tough to decorate a large room without making it look cluttered, so you need to learn the basic principles of using space.

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Consider Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture can be a great space-saver and particularly useful for large homes with awkward spaces or big families. So, whether it’s bookcases or wardrobes, kitchen cabinets or shelves, you should consider ways to use built-in furniture to make the most of your new home. Choosing built-in furniture can also be an ideal way to maximise your floor space and add extra storage to your new home. Also, built-in furniture can be cost-effective, particularly if you have a very large property and need a lot of shelving or wardrobe space. You won’t need to purchase multiple items, as you can have everything you need built into your property’s design. Built-in furniture can also give your home a unique feel that’s great for anyone who wants to personalise their home.

Repurpose Existing Rooms

Unless you’re buying a new build home, you’ll notice that your property’s rooms are already allocated for specific purposes, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. However, when you own a property, you have the option to readjust it as you see fit. So, if you need a study, and a property doesn’t have a room dedicated for that purpose but does have extra bedrooms, you can consider adapting one of the bedrooms into a home office. Even rooms with fittings, such as bathrooms, can be cleared and used for new purposes. So, whatever you need, you can transform your home into a space that suits your requirements and has everything you and your family want. Never be afraid to use your imagination, and don’t feel limited by what the previous homeowner did with the space. It might cost money and take time, but eventually, you can transform your larger property into your dream home.

Work Out A New Cleaning And Maintenance Schedule

With more space and a larger garden, you might find that cleaning and maintaining your new home takes more time and effort. So, you need to factor this into your weekly routine and make sure that you have everything under control. Consider how long your home will take to clean and what you can do to save time. You also need to think about factors that might not have been a consideration in your previous, smaller home. These might include sweeping chimneys or servicing gas fires that you didn’t have before. Cleaning and maintaining these additional functions might increase the amount of work you have to do, as well as the cost of running your new home. So, make sure you’re aware of everything you need to do in your new home and can budget time and money for these extra tasks.

Enjoy Your New Home

Once you’ve found your dream property and used these tips to make the relocation process easier, you’ll be able to enjoy spending time in your new home. Owning a bigger home means that you have more space for yourself and the people you love. If you’re used to living in a small space, then it could take time to adjust to living in a larger property, but you’ll eventually get used to it. You’ll then be able to relax and transform your space into a welcoming environment that suits your needs and tastes. With more space to enjoy, you can make the most of your property and ensure that you’re comfortable in your own home.


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