Alanya real estate: which area to choose to buy an apartment


Having decided to move to Alanya, the main criterion for buying an apartment is the choice of an area where you will find all the important places for a good life. Districts of this city differ in the quantity and quality of infrastructure, the availability of new houses, and housing prices. When buying Turkish real estate, it is also important to find out more about the purchasing procedure and legislation.

In this article, we will tell you about the different areas of Alanya, what kind of infrastructure is present for you to find the best deals.

The western part of the city

The West of Alanya is considered a honeypot for tourists. Arriving guests appreciate this part of the city for the fact that here they can completely relax on the beach and escape from the routine. In this regard, the infrastructure is well-developed. Markets and large grocery stores can be seen at every corner.

Avsallar, Incekum

A few years ago, this part of the city was not so popular among tourists. There were plantations for growing fruits and hotels were rare here. At the moment, there is a large tourist resort. In addition to the tourist area, there are largely residential areas with more than 10 thousand residents.

The residential area starts a little further from the beach line, 2-3 kilometers away. Residential complexes consisting of hundreds of apartments. The complexes are good because on their territory residents can swim in the pools, go to the hammam and work out in the gyms. The atmosphere is the same as in hotels.

Wanting to swim in the sea, residents of this area just need to take a short walk and they will come to the white sandy beaches. This area is worth choosing for people who love resort life. Life is always in full swing here. In winter, the number of tourists decreases.


Konakli is an elite area of ​​Alanya, where the number of residential complexes significantly exceeds the number of hotels. Residential buildings here are built on the hills and are low-rise. Moreover, there is a huge number of cottage houses.

In this area, the value of real estate is significantly higher than in Avsallar. That is why the infrastructure here is at a higher level. This part of the city is home to a huge number of brand stores.

Konakli is an excellent choice for those who like to live away from the hustle. In this area, you can meet a large number of foreign owners from different European countries.

The central part

Life in the city center in the summer is always very busy. The population here is made up of both permanent residents and visiting tourists.

The central part of the city is very densely built up with houses. However, the appearance of the houses is poor. Many houses require renovation.


Although there are no famous hotels in this part of the city, there are always a lot of tourists here. This is a great opportunity for owners to rent out their apartments all year round. Tourists love to go on vacation here, as this area has one of the best beaches in Alanya. The beach is distinguished by its fine, light sand. In this regard, the price of real estate is significantly higher.

There are few new multi-apartment buildings, most of the buildings are old, the height of which reaches a maximum of 5 floors.

Near the ring road

The area near the ring road is very popular among those who want to buy an apartment. The sea is within walking distance and there is not a large crowd of tourists, and it will not be difficult to get to the city.

There are more new buildings here than in the central area. There are not many large residential complexes, but the infrastructure is fully established.


Oba is an excellent choice for those who want to be located both closer to the sea and the city center with iconic places. The infrastructure for the ordinary life of people here is at a high level. There are many schools for children, large hypermarkets, and medical facilities.

Due to the availability of good infrastructure, the cost of housing is quite expensive. This area is mainly inhabited by members of the local elite and businessmen.

In addition, business life is in full swing in Oba. There is a huge amount of office space, which is great for finding a job among the residents of this area.

The eastern part of the city

The eastern part of the city is notable for the fact that not all of the space is still built up. This opens up tremendous opportunities for contractors.

Here you can buy real estate in houses located right on the beach with gorgeous views. Compared to the western regions, there are fewer hotels here.


The residential part of Tosmur is closer to the mountains. Mountain lovers have the opportunity to purchase housing right next to the river, but it should be borne in mind that they will be expensive due to the location and beautiful views.

Residential areas are distinguished by multi-apartment high-rise blocks, where a square meter costs from 500 euros. The infrastructure is represented by a water park, a dolphinarium, and museums.

Residents of Tosmur enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Despite the remoteness, there are plenty of grocery stores here. The main recreation areas are located on the territory of residential complexes.


Kestel is similar to Tosmur, but the main difference is that there are not many new buildings here. The housing stock is represented by residential complexes with a height of no more than 5 floors and private houses.

If in other areas residential buildings are quite densely built, then in this area the houses are located at a distance from each other due to the presence of black soil.


The area is particularly popular with property buyers. Mahmutlar is a city within a city. There is excellent infrastructure and residents of this area rarely travel to the center, as everything they need is located here.

The area is notable for the orange plantations in the mountains.

In Mahmutlar, a person with any budget can find a property. There are both elite complexes and inexpensive new buildings.


This area is distinguished by its remoteness and modest infrastructure. The beaches are wilder and the entrance to the water is not safe everywhere.

Kargicak is suitable for those who enjoy a moderate life in a picturesque place among coniferous forests and mountains. There are not many residential complexes and the population is about 2500 people, but real estate is not cheap.

Here you can buy a private house or villa and enjoy the seclusion and beauty of nature.

Each part of the city is different from each other. If you are a lover of active life, then you should choose the western or central region, as well as Mahmutlar. If you are committed to tranquility, then look for real estate in Kargicak or Tosmur.



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