Top 6 Must-Buys For Canines

Top 6 Must-Buys For Canines main

Any one who has ever owned a dog will agree in no uncertain terms that they really are man’s best friends.

Whether you have a ginormous St Bernard, a diminutive sausage dog, a slobbering boxer or a prim and proper poodle, chances are that you’ve felt a level of love and loyalty from them that a few humans in your life could probably do with trying to emulate!

But if you want to reward your pooch, what kind of present will really get their tail wagging?

Read these top six must-buys for canines to find out.

1. Dog Food

OK, dog food is more of a necessity than a gift, but we’re talking luxury food here rather than the packets and tins you usually purchase – buy them a sweet treat from Millie & Ruby’s Dog Bakery and they’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll be tempted to take a bite yourself ( please don’t do that though!).

2. Dog Lead

Buying your dog a new collar and lead is the canine equivalent of treating yourself to a whole new wardrobe of haute couture outfits. Shop fashionable dog accessories at and earn yourself a few bow wow brownie points.

Top 6 Must-Buys For Canines dog

3. Dog bed

Dogs love comfort as much as humans and splashing out on a new bed for your four legged friend is sure to go down well. The Barney Bed was developed Down Under and apparently dogs adore it – it’s now available in the UK, so try it out for size and see what all the fuss is about.

4. Dog therapy

Ask your vet for their opinion, but many animal practitioners now believe that stressed and anxious dogs can benefit from various types of canine mental health therapies, ranging from psychotherapy to aromatherapy and reiki. If your dog could benefit from a few sessions on the therapist’s couch, this is an unusual present that might pay off in terms of a more positive doggy demeanour.

5. Dog allergy treatments

One thing that’s more certain is that canines definitely suffer from seasonal allergies and some of these can actually be quite debilitating. So if you’re struggling to think of a creative gift, opt for a practical present and ask your vet about Avacta animal health treatments for allergies – you’ll see the relief on your dog’s face once the effects kick in.

6. Dog music

According to a recent study by RSPCA and the University of Glasgow, dogs prefer listening to reggae and soft rock when they want to chill out – both of these genres reduce anxiety and have a calming effect. Looking for a double whammy from an artist influenced by both genres? Toots and the Maytals’ new album Got To Be Tough might be the very dab!

Select any one of these six canine treats and your dog will be delighted – you can thank us later!

What treat does your dog adore? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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