Letting a cat outside for the first time is like sending your baby out into the big wide world. There are, however, many benefits to it. Discover more here.

The Benefits of Letting Your Cat Outside


In reality, cats are curious, independent, and sneaky little creatures that fill our lives with joy. Some cat owners are reluctant to let their cats adventure outside, and we can see why. It’s natural to worry if they’ll run into trouble with other cats or animals, run out into the road, or run into someone else’s home and decide it’s better than yours. However, keeping a cat as an indoor cat isn’t necessarily the best idea. They, by nature, are outdoor creatures who deserve to roam around in the fresh air.  

Keep on reading to explore the many benefits of letting your cat outside. 

Better Behaved Cats

Cats are not the innocent little fluffballs they seem – any cat owner can relate to that. Often, however, cats exhibit naughty behaviour because they’re not happy with their environment. Traits like marking and scratching happen because it’s a natural cat instinct that they would do out in the wild – we just don’t expect them to do it in our homes.  

You’ll find that outdoor cats are far more satisfied with their lives, and in fact, when they do return home, they’re most likely going to be slightly relieved they’re back in their warm, cosy sanctuary. 

Less Stress, More Relaxed

While you might feel a little more stressed wondering where your furbaby has gone, your cat will be out there living its best life. One thing you might like to explore if you’re worried about losing your cat to the outside world for good is a pet enclosure. Pet enclosures give your cat access to the fresh air without them having to leave the comfort of your garden. A good-sized enclosure should be enough to keep your cat happy and give them that outdoor space they crave. 

Outdoor cats are far less stressed – it’s literally proven to help with feline mental health. Plus, it helps them escape stressful situations in your home, like children pulling at their ears or dogs invading their personal space. 

Provides Space For Natural Behaviours

We have domesticated every animal that we have in our lives, and cats are no different. Some of the behaviours that we don’t like in our homes, like marking scents, stalking, and scratching, are natural cat behaviours. 

Cats have free reign to scratch trees, patrol, stalk, hunt (even to the disgust of us humans when they bring a tasty mouse home as a prize). That’s another reason why going outside destresses our feline friends. 

Lots Of Exercise

Cats need exercise, even though they sleep throughout most of the day – they’re not as lazy as they seem. Letting them outside gives them a space to run around as much as they’d like and return home when they’re burnt out. Indoor cats typically require much more mental stimulation and playing to tire them out than outdoor cats do.  

Although it is a worry letting your baby go into the outside world – it just might be the best thing for them. Take time to understand what your cat needs. If they’re displaying negative traits and have high-energy levels, it might be that they’re destined to be outdoor cats. 


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