Living in Turkey As An Expat

Living in Turkey As An Expat main

Turkey is one of the best destinations in the world for an invigorating holiday of culture and culinary delight, sure, but have you ever considered moving to Turkey? Life in Turkey is like an all-year-long summer vacation if you have a grasp of the essentials of living in this warm and welcoming country.

Turkey is among the first places that come to mind for a joyous vacation. People often visit this wonderful country to discover its culture, experience the Mediterranean dream on its luxurious seaside resorts, enjoy its superb, diverse cuisine, and more recently for health tourism too.

After such an experience, living in Turkey as an expat is a dream for many foreigners.

But how to realize that dream? The differences between vacationing and living in Turkey are vast, with certain factors such as sources of income, residence, employment, and healthcare all needing to be considered beforehand. With that in mind, here are some useful tips from Antalya Homes ® on how to live your best life in Turkey as an ex-pat.

The Key to Living Your Best Life in Turkey: A Regular Income

To live in a foreign country such as Turkey, you’ll want to have a source of regular income such as a monthly salary or retirement pension.

With a valid work permit in Turkey, you can easily find a job and make a living as a foreigner. If you work in a remote position and obtain your income from a foreign country, you may want to consider that the currency rates may differ between currencies.

To stabilize your quality of life, calculating the cost of living in Turkey and your income regarding currency rates may prevent unwanted issues.

As a snapshot of the cost of living in Turkey compared to the UK, Numbeo estimates:

• Exclusive of rent, a family of four’s monthly costs sit at £ 1603 ( Around 24000 TL)
• A single person’s estimated monthly costs are much lower, at £ 304 (Around 6900 TL), rent exclusive.
• The cost of living in Turkey is around half of that in the UK.
• Rent in the UK is a whopping 75% cheaper than in the UK, roughly.

Living in Turkey As An Expat

Decide On Your New Home: Rentals or Property Ownership

Before signing any contracts or booking any flights, deep research on residing in Turkey should come first. The property portals, social media, and websites of trusted real estate companies are the best sources to gather information about residences in Turkey.

Foreigners can rent an apartment or, should fund allow, decide on buying a property in Turkey. But there are certain differences between renting an apartment or living in your home beyond the obvious.

Property ownership in Turkey provides certain rights to a foreigner such as a residency and citizenship. A foreign property owner and their family can obtain a residence permit in Turkey. They also gain the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years of residing.

Working with a professional real estate agency in Turkey is essential. In this way, you can invest in the newest property on the market and complete all legal and financial transactions smoothly.

According to Antalya Homes, here’s what you need to do; open a bank account, get a tax ID number and an appraisal report, apply for a resident permit, and successfully get the keys to their new home.

Best Places to Live in Turkey

There are 81 cities in Turkey. Choosing the right one may seem a difficult task, but with comprehensive research it is doable.

Istanbul and the capital Ankara, coastal cities such as Antalya or Muğla, or more compact, manageable cities such as Bursa, Yalova, or Trabzon stand out more than others among ex-pats.

For those who are seeking warm seaside cities with nearly 300 sunny days in a year, Antalya and its coastal districts Belek, Alanya, and Kalkan; or Muğla’s Bodrum Peninsula and Milas are great options.

Middle Eastern ex-pats mostly reside in cities such as Bursa, Yalova, or Trabzon. Life in these cities is comfortable and laid back.

For ex-pats who enjoy a vibrant city lifestyle, Istanbul or the capital Ankara will likely be preferred. Both stand out as the best cities to live in in Turkey because of their extensive job opportunities, daily amenities, and social activities.

What About Healthcare?

While going on a vacation, traveler’s insurance is more than enough. But when moving to Turkey, purchasing health insurance with affordable monthly fees is the best option, enabling ex-pats to access the Turkish healthcare system most conveniently.

Expats have two insurance options: Universal or private. Universal insurance is the general healthcare services provided by the government. Private insurance is more comprehensive and also valid in private hospitals.

Foreign citizens with short or long-term residence permits are required to have private health insurance. While agreeing on private health insurance, it is important to be aware of what kinds of medical services you can benefit from. The most comprehensive insurance would be the best fit.

In good times, ex-pats who obtain Turkish citizenship can benefit from Turkey’s healthcare system freely, which is one of the most significant benefits of living in Turkey.

Antalya Homes ® is a leading real estate company with 11 offices in Turkey and nearly 20 years of experience. They provide the best purchasing experience with a Zero-Failure policy and extensive before and after-sales services from obtaining a tax number to applying for a residence permit and Turkish Citizenship.


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