How To Create a Luxury Kitchen Extension For Your Home

How To Create a Luxury Kitchen Extension For Your Home

If you’re tired of looking at the same old walls in your kitchen, maybe it’s time for a change. There is a simple solution to your situation. A kitchen extension London designed. You can add more cupboards, or use the additional space for a dining table. There are many benefits related to kitchen extensions and not only for the kitchen, but Kitchen extensions will also increase the value of your home, so it is a good investment. Once you’ve made the decision to proceed with a kitchen extension London project, or a luxury kitchen refurbishment, it’s important to spend some time considering the space, and how you will use it. The kitchen of your dreams is within your reach; you just need to make a few decisions when planning it. Take some time to decide what you want and importantly what you need. Your new luxury kItchen refurbishment London project needs to meet your needs and wants

How do you plan and design a dream kitchen?
Planning and designing a luxury kitchen takes time and a lot of thought. Follow our 7 tips below to help you plan the kitchen of your dreams. An overall style should be both aesthetically pleasing and practical for you and your family. Lots of homeowners like to look into kitchen booths at Nook Home that provide a great dining area with comfortable seating. These solutions can be a great space saver for smaller kitchens.

1. Purpose – What will your luxury new kitchen be used for? 

Before beginning any formal kitchen design, think about how the new space will be used from day to day. The humble home kitchen has evolved a great deal over the decades. Modern kitchens are places to sit and socialise, they are places to eat, study and work.

The kitchen often provides different functions for each member of the family.
Once you feel you know what you and your family need from your new kitchen extension London project you can set a clear goal and then use this to help you create a design that will perfectly fulfil your needs.

2. Layout – Think about the layout, how many cabinets do you need?

The next planning stage is to work out a layout for the new kitchen extension including kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets London and things like kitchen islands or breakfast bars. The best way to do this is to sketch your kitchen outline and write where you would like the different parts of your fitted kitchen.

3. Styles and designs – What style of kitchen and designs do you like?

One of the best ways to decide upon styles and designs is to look at magazines and on the internet for images that appeal to you. If you’re still having trouble don’t worry, our designers will have plenty of ideas for you and will make sure you have the design of the kitchen of your dreams.

How To Create a Luxury Kitchen Extension For Your Home interiors

4. Storage – How much storage do you have? How much storage do you need?

When you have decided what style of kitchen you prefer you can start thinking about kitchen cabinets and kitchen units. Don’t underestimate the storage that you need Are there enough kitchen units? Many people make the mistake of designing their kitchens without allowing enough storage space.

5. Colour – Choosing the colour palette, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Colours are amazing ways to introduce mood into a room, so they are an excellent way to add style to the new kitchen extension. There are so many different colours and therefore many different ways to make an impact. You don’t need to decide on a colour scheme of just 2 colours, you can experiment with as many colours as you want. If you’ve always wanted to use dark colours now you can! With a kitchen extension, there should be enough light to balance darker colours.

6. Lighting – Do you want discrete spotlights? Or large pendants?

Lighting is the final touch to your kitchen extension design London project that will bring your design to life. The right lighting can set the right mood and ambience, and make your room appear cosy or more spacious. Choices from spotlights, LED recessed lighting, and even dramatic chandeliers are available, the right lighting will enhance your stylish new kitchen

7. Little Details the finishing touches

It is the finishing touches and little details that can make or break a design. Little touches, like using metal outlets or light switches, the handles you choose for your cabinets or drawers, even the hardware. This is another way to put your own unique style onto your kitchen.

When you want a luxury dream kitchen, designers spend time with the customer, working with them to ensure that the existing space is used to its full potential. Professional designers will use their professional experience, expert skills and considerable knowledge to produce plans of your dream kitchen ideas and make sure that the new extension flows seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen and that the final product is a showcase of your stunning ideas, and displays your unique style.


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