Home Improvement Projects to Try While on Quarantine

Home Improvement Projects to Try While on Quarantine main

Let’s face it, this year got off the wrong foot. But right now all we need to do is stay safe, stay home and make sure we don’t put ourselves or anyone else in harm’s way. Some of you are working from home right now, but there’s a big group of people who can’t work remotely and are now stuck at home with lots of time on their hands. So if taking up day-drinking seems like a good idea by now, we offer you some home improvement projects you can start without leaving the house!

Take care of your connection

Looks like we are going to be home for a while, so you need to make sure you are properly connected to the outside world. In case you have bad reception or trouble with 4G, and don’t know how to boost phone signal we have an answer. It’s easy and it doesn’t really require any professional assistance, even if the signal is barely there. You can purchase a cell phone booster, which will be delivered to your house and can be installed by you in no time. If you don’t really know which one to choose (there are many different kinds) you can always ask the customer support for assistance and make sure you get the device that will solve your reception problem once and for all. In case your wifi is being stubborn too, and not reaching the far corners of your home, you can get a wifi signal booster and rest assured that no matter where you are in your house, you will get an excellent connection. Quarantine without proper internet and mobile signal is “no bueno”.

Home Improvement Projects to Try While on Quarantine interiors

Spring clean-out

It might be hard to fix the roof on your own or take care of the pipes without professional help (bravo if you can do that, by the way), but what you can always do is a major clean-out. And we don’t mean just chucking away anything that doesn’t make you happy. If you live in the same house for longer than five years you most certainly have a fair amount of junk lying around. Things you don’t need, and will never need again. Or maybe things that others might still use, even if you don’t anymore. Clothes, appliances, possibly books, or that mug from the old office you never ever drink from. Give it away to people in need. They will definitely appreciate it. Just make sure everything’s tidy and presentable. Your house will benefit greatly and you will realise that you actually have more space than you thought you did. So, in short, say no to hoarding and organise the space around you! Now is the time!

Brighten up your house

After the clean-out, you can try and repaint your house. Start with one room, or even one wall if you are not sure you can actually go through with it. One wall is great for a start. Just order some paint, and get to work! Make a great accent wall in the bedroom, or your kitchen and enjoy the results! If you have children, they will definitely be on board if you attempt to repaint their room. Thankfully there are hundreds of tutorials online and more than enough options to choose from if you roam Pinterest. This will definitely give you an emotional boost and lift your spirits. And above all, you’ll have a fresh and interesting room! Fair warning though, it’s really addictive, don’t be surprised if this modest wall-painting turns into a major house makeover.

Quarantine doesn’t have to be stressful and depressing. Just don’t read the news more than once a day and try to get yourself busy with something that can give you fruitful results to enjoy. Brightening up your living space will be very beneficial to your emotional stability, productivity and overall health. So stay at home, be safe and wait out the storm in your warm and cosy home!


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