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Eve Original Memory Foam Mattress


by Julia Paddon

The quest for the perfect night’s sleep lies down a rocky and frequently uncomfortable road. The most important piece of furniture in the house is often an inexplicably overlooked item. Years can be spent putting up with a rogue spring or that ever-present bobble, tossing and turning like the Princess and the Pea, looking for an unobtainable ‘sweet spot’.

And don’t get me started on sleeping in the spare room at a friend’s house on that 25-year-old creaker with knots where your comfort should be. I mean, you wouldn’t expect your friend to chuck an old, musty pie at you for the dinner party, but apparently it’s ok to send you to bedroom hell for eight hours at the end of the evening (yes Maggie, I mean you!).

But why? Nobody would sit in an uncomfortable armchair for long or put up with a bath with a few awkward bumps. Yet the item we spend 25-30 years of our life in – well, what harm can a loose spring do?

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“Attractive combination”

The answer is, of course, a lot of harm. Most people are aware of the health benefits of a good night’s sleep – everything from boosting your immune functions to improving concentration – and for those of us with health niggles and young children, a proper sleep can, put simply, make all the difference between a good day and a bad day.

So my aching lower back, swollen ankles and three young children would all benefit from me sleeping well – which brings me to Eve and their Original Memory Foam Mattress. Now, I’ve tested a memory foam mattress before and, frankly, I didn’t like it. It was very sinky and incredibly warm and seemed to envelop you in a small fire, rather than hug you to gentle sleep.

But Eve claim their memory foam is different. In fact, they go all the way and say ‘no overheating’. Well, I test the mattress in the hottest few summer weeks in living memory, so if ever a claim needed to be true it’s now.

But first things first; how does it look? Out of the box it has bright yellow sides and a pristine white (no need to flip!) top. When coupled with the grey bed frame it makes for a very attractive combination.

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“Improved breathability”

That white top layer comprises of a moisture wicking material that prevents over clamminess – I can’t claim it had much effect when the summer night heat was at its most intense, but on slightly cooler nights, where normally I’d still be over-hot, there was a discernible temperature improvement.

This was helped by the improved breathability of the foam layer – no small bed furnace this time. I really was cooler – but was I comfier?

This time the memory foam felt springier and less dense and I didn’t have the feeling of being swallowed up by the mattress, just naturally supported. The real proof of a bed though is, of course, how I slept and how I felt in the morning.

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“Pain relief”

Over a six week testing period I found my sleep was regularly improved, with little overheating and next to no waking from my regular aches and pains (aching back and painful ankles). The biggest difference I found was I was no longer woken up early by the lower back pain. Eve claim there are contour layers cut into the base foam that offers support to all body types – perhaps it was this that offered the pain relief.

In summary, the absence of early waking through back pain is enough for me to recommend the Eve Original Memory Foam Mattress – and the improvements in temperature regulation and overall support makes for a very fine product.

Maybe the quest for that perfect night’s sleep is over after all.

UK double Eve Original Mattress currently £479
To compare Eve mattresses visit evesleep.co.uk/eve-mattress-comparison

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