Top tips on decorating your care home 


Decorating a care home requires more than simply making the environment pleasant and useful.

Before selecting nursing home furniture and furnishings, it is vital to consider concerns such as comfort, safety, orientation, and homeliness while constructing a care home for your residents.

So when designing your nursing home, use the following points as guidance for what to consider:

Aim for a homely feel

All aspects of the care home facility should be built to feel more like a person’s home rather than the trappings of something more institutionalised.

To make it more homely, use pastel colours on the walls in a resident’s bedroom, and allow them to hang their favourite artwork or cherished photographs.

Also, rather than buying cheap units in bulk to use throughout the care home, consider selecting more homely-feeling furniture with a mish-mash of styles and designs that feel more like a resident’s personal choice.

It may be difficult to avoid purchasing furniture in quantity in shared areas, so make these spaces feel more welcoming by adding items such as art, ornaments, and colourful furnishings.

Ensure a lot of light

We humans often forget that our bodies are designed for mobility and being outside. Thus, light is critical for both physical and mental wellness.

If possible, communal areas should be built around natural light sources, such as large windows and doors. And furniture should never be placed in areas that block windows; instead, it should be placed to help light ricochet about the building.

Placing a mirror at the opposite end of a corridor from a window, for example, doubles the light dispersion and gives the illusion of a brighter area.

Consider the acoustics

The acoustics of your environment are an often-ignored part of life, and poor acoustics can have a visceral, negative impact on residents’ enjoyment of a space.

People’s homes are frequently soundproofed with double glazing, carpeting, and furnishings that prevent soundwaves from bouncing around. As a result, homes are less echoey, resulting in a more pleasant and cosy feel.

Poor acoustics can be a major concern in nursing homes because they are often much larger structures, with communal rooms being the most echoey.

Reduce the noise and improve the acoustics by filling voids with soft furnishings, such as rugs, cushions and material sofas. These will break the echoes, look fantastic and make residents feel much more at home.

Think about resident pride

Ensure that the care home is well-decorated and well-maintained so that residents are proud to call it home.

This kind of pride boosts their mental health and encourages them to bring friends and family to see what they’re up to. As a result, they are more likely to exercise and stay fit and healthy.

Creating nice community rooms for residents to host guests is the best approach to developing a proud mood. Arrange seating around coffee tables, for example, with arts and crafts activities, books, and newspapers within easy reach to provide discussion topics.

Your care home is your residents’ home; therefore, making it as simple as possible for them to relax there is the goal.

Give people freedom of choice

Perhaps the most critical aspect of proper care home design and decor is ensuring that your residents have the freedom to live their lives in the ways they want to.

For example, make sure tables and tea and coffee making facilities are at the proper height or have the necessary aids so that everyone can use them.

The most straightforward strategy to design décor that works for every resident is to simply pay attention to the small things that make a massive difference to the life of those in your care.

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