Home DIY: Jobs You Can Do At Home Safely During Lockdown

Jobs You Can Do At Home Safely During Lockdown main

This year, many homeowners have been spending more time at home during lockdown and finding ways to stay busy. One of the most popular activities that people have been getting involved in this year is home DIY. From painting rooms to garden landscaping, people all over the UK have been heading to stores in search of tools and materials to do their own home improvement jobs. While there are many different types of jobs that can easily be done yourself, both safely and effectively, there are also times when it’s best to leave the work to the professionals.

1. Painting rooms

Applying a fresh coat of paint can bring a new life to your interiors. If you buy the correct brushes capable of giving an expert finish, understand the painting process, you’re good to go. Make sure you prepare the wall by giving it a light sand and applying a primer before the paint. Also, ensure to install a drop sheet to avoid stains dropping to the floor. Plus, a bleed proof tape will come in handy when you want to paint a neat straight edge. However, painting the whole house can be tiresome. If you have a lot of paint work to get through, hiring a professional can be useful. If you’re unsure on your painting skills and precision, a professional can help give a neater finish to your home.

2. Fixing a dripping tap

Taps might drip from time to time, but sometimes the problem can be resolved by yourself. Taps drip water because there is a loose washer that needs replacement. Fixing it is easy if you have the right tools – a spanner and a screwdriver. It will only cost you the bill for a new washer. To do it right, turn the water off at the stop cock, remove the tap and replace the washer. If dripping doesn’t stop, it’s best to call a professional rather than trying to fix the problem yourself. If you’re wary about turning off the water or tinkering with the pipes, it’s best to call someone in who is trained to do so.

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3. Clearing gutter

When the leaves start to fall and the rain pours down day after day, it might be worth checking if your home gutters are clear and free of debris. A clogged gutter can lead to water seeping into walls and, ultimately, worse problems. If you’re able to, you can safely use a ladder with someone to help you, and clear the gutter in no time at all. However, working from a height can be dangerous. If you’re uncomfortable with heights and there is no one to supervise how you’re doing, it’s better to leave the task to a professional. They will have better tools to do the job and have plenty of experience.

4. Installing new lighting fixtures

Many people are scared to do electrical work themselves. However, there are a few simple wiring jobs that you can do yourself if you take the right precautions. There are useful guides on how to wire a light switch both safely and correctly in your own home. Safety matters so it’s important to switch off the electricity before you start tampering with anything. If the task seems too difficult and isn’t worth the risk, then hiring a professional electrician would be better.

5. Resealing a bath

Over time, it’s natural that areas or appliances in your home experience wear and tear. Sometimes baths need resealing, especially if they start to gather mould or start leaking. Removing the entire seal and replacing it with a new can give the bath a new look. You’ll need a utility knife, cartridge gun, and a sealant. If you’ve never resealed before, it’s crucial you practice or watch several tutorials. Remember, it shouldn’t look like a novice who did the job, mainly if you’re repairing the problem before leasing or selling the house. If your hands are not firm or you feel impatient, hire a professional instead of resealing the bath yourself.


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