Pizzaman ‘Made in Italy’ Pizza Hits Yorkshire

pizzaman pizza keighley made in italy

Pizzaman Straight out of Italy hits Yorkshire as ‘Made in Italy’ Comes to Keighley

Entrepreneurs have always focused on metropolitan areas and mass appeal, so it may seem surprising that one of the most innovative pizza takeaways has chosen to make its way to Keighley, a town of 50,000 inhabitants, where they plan to run a completely new way of delivering food – straight from the source in Italy to people’s homes in the UK.

Pizzaman tracks the ingredients right from Italian farms and, instead of relying on the existing restaurants like many new suppliers; they choose to brings authentic Italian pizza to as many places as possible by going there themselves.

“While we continue our expansion in London, we have recently made our way to Bradford, a town famous for its Italian community. It’s a tough crowd. We all know how Italians are when it comes to judging the food, so we can’t just send them a pizza we haven’t even tried ourselves”, says Federico Fiorentini, the founder of the franchise.

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“The same pizza as you will get in Italy”

The crowd is, in fact, tough across the board. Takeaways no longer isolate the experience to whatever-you-can grab while staggering back home at night. The flavours expand with a wide range of influences and Britons are keener than ever to get a quality meal delivered to their doorstep. By the end of the decade, this market will be worth £8bn a year, according to Euromonitor International. It’s growth way beyond what is expected.

With customers looking for a restaurant experience through their smart phones, the main trend is still tilting towards high-quality foods. Companies across the board now offer various services to fill the gap between scratch cooking and fine dining.

While many services act as intermediaries between the restaurants and the customers, detaching themselves from the actual making and delivery of the food, Pizzaman establishes relationships with farmers and the franchisees, by constantly visiting the farms and training all staff in authentic Italian cuisine. They feel that controlling every single step, from crop to the plate, is the only way to deliver the same pizza as one can get in Italy.

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“Authentic dough”

While tradition is key, the team finds it equally important to adopt the latest trends. It offers an alternative to a traditional Italian base, made of spelt flower, a healthy grain, rich in protein and vitamin B, as well as a corn base, which retains the taste of the authentic dough while bringing the value of a 100% gluten-free pizza.

With a wide range of different shops, including festival vans, the team aims to be the centre of every party, whether it’s in the street, in a plain field or in a town like Keighley where they will be part of “Festa della Republica”, from the 24th to the 25th of June.

Festivals, restaurants and food stands have been a part of food culture for centuries, but as the new generation changes the way they eat, new ways of getting that food is now on the top of tomorrow’s menu. Whether it will be the tech used or ways to cater, it seems like the main question remains; what’s on tomorrow’s plate and how is it served?


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