The most important tips when changing your vehicle tires


Tires play an important role in the vehicle. Tires are not only in charge of helping cars to move, but they are also part of their safety. Without tires in good condition, it is certain that the braking system and an increased fuel consumption will affect the vehicle sooner or later.

Most people don’t take into account the brand or the condition of tires until they start to fail; there is always the possibility of preventing these moments from coming and having a hard time getting stranded on the road.

Possibly for some people it may be difficult to choose these kind of products when they go at a warehouse, where the number of brands and models abound, if you’re one of those people, then you must have a reliable supplier that offers top quality products from the best manufacturers, at site for buying tires at the best price on the market, the solution to this problem can be found in a practical and simple way at Tiregom, where you will be able to get excellent offers with an almost infinite number of models, types and brands at very competitive prices.

There are some basic tips to know about tires before you decide to put a new part on your car. Some choose to buy tires by taking into account the promotion and not their technical characteristics, not knowing that the latter are the most important element for their performance.

How to know if a set of tires is already worn?

The reasons behind premature tire wear can be clearly seen by observing the appearance of uneven tread wear.

Generally, poor alignment can be the cause of tire wear, likewise, mechanical factors can influence premature tire wear. Damping systems, ball joints, connecting rod ends, spirals, etc. are some of the components of the vehicle that can cause rapid deterioration to the tires.

Beware of misleading offers

Do not trust the typical “buy 2 get 4” offers, many times these are tires whose manufacturing date is not updated. On one side of a tire, there is a label almost always engraved on the rubber material, where they specify the date of production and the measure of manufacture. Keep in mind that a cover that is more than 5 years old has lost many properties, even if it has been properly stored.

Some recommendations to keep in mind when buying tires

Being aware about the code engraved on the tire is essential when buying new ones. It is perhaps the most complicated and confusing part of the entire purchasing process, but it is the most important part since this code is required by federal law in most countries worldwide. This code fulfills the function of briefly describing the characteristics of the tire and also acts as an identification number in the event that it must be recalled.

Sizes, types and visual appearance of tires according to vehicle

One of the most striking and popular aspects of a custom car has always been the tires, however there is more than just good looks when it comes to buying a set of tires. It is highly recommended to check carefully that the tires you’re going to buy are the right fit for your vehicle. Although large tires can give a different touch to the vehicle, there is some exact math so that they can match perfectly and properly with the car.


Finally, we recommend keeping the tires of the vehicle in good condition, it will contribute to the tranquility and safety of the occupants of the vehicle, having the tires in good condition, it will provide better control of the vehicle in case of emergency situations. This variable will also affect substantial savings on the economic side, since tires in good conditions will help minimize the amount of money you spend on your vehicle maintenance.


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