A Guide to ATV Tyres

A Guide to ATV Tyres main

Let’s face it, we all love a good quad bike and since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, some of us have been seeking thrills in ALL the right places. ATVs are fun, and if you have the space to get one, we strongly recommend the investment.

Keeping an ATV in top shape can take some learning so let’s start with the fundamentals, tyres!

There are plenty of things to consider when buying ATV tyres, from the material of the tyre to the size. Below is a guide which will cover what you need to be mindful of when buying new tyres for your ATV.

How Often Should I Check my ATV Tyres?

As a rule of thumb you should check your tyres at least once a week. The most common problems with tyres are:

– Worn tread patterns (Tread is the pattern on the surface of your tyre) Worn out sidewalls
– Debris in the tyres Broken belts Cuts and punctures in the side walls Cracks in the rubber
– Check your tyres after long periods of use for any signs of wear or wear patterns.
– Inspect the springs for wear. If they are worn out grab a new set.
– A good way to find out if your tyres have any flat spots is to have someone sit on them, if they do the tyre has a flat spot.

Do I need different Tyres for Different Weather Conditions?

Different weather conditions can damage your ATV tyres. For example, riding with a dry dirt track will create a lot of friction and heat, which will cause the tread to wear out very fast.

The dirt in the tyres will also cause the tread to crack. This is due to the compounding effect of heat and friction, so make sure you give them wash as regularly as possible.

Driving in wet conditions can also damage your ATV tyres because the water will spread around the edges causing them to rust out much faster, again, buying the right ATV tyre will prevent this from happening (tread protectors).

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Things to Consider When Buying New ATV Tyres

Tread Pattern:

There are two types of tread patterns. The first type is called straight-block. This type of tread pattern is what you find on road bikes and cars, it is relatively easy to wear out in the centre of the tyre.

The second type of tread pattern is called diagonal. Diagonal patterns are much more durable in the centre of the tyre compared to straight-block tyres, because it spreads out both sides evenly.

Tread protector

This is a rubber piece which will extend over your ATV tyre to prevent debris or moisture from getting into your ATV’s undercarriage.

Ply rating

The gauge of the thread is measured by the diameter of the threads. The higher the number, the better quality your ATV tyre will be.

Bias or Radial Tyres

A lot of people are confused between bias and radial tyres. The main different between the two is the way the belt is constructed.

Bias tyres are made with two layers in the tyre, in this case one layer consists of cords which are running at a certain angle, while the other layer is made up of rubber. The second type of tyre arrangement is referred to as radial. Radials are purely constructed with rubber instead of cord, they are also lighter than bias tyres.

Bias tyres offer more flexibility on multi-terrain, while radial tyres offer a more comfortable ride.

Tyres by Terrain Type

Sand Tyres: Tread Pattern:

The tread pattern on sand tyres should have a diamond type shape. This means the diameter of the rubber will have a sharp angle in the centre of your tyre. The outside edges will be smooth, this is to provide more grip.

Mud Tyres: Tread Pattern:

Mud tyres have a large tread pattern with a few small ones in the centre. They are made for driving on muddy terrain, they offer a more comfortable ride compared to sand tyres.

Snow Tyres: Tread Pattern:

Snow tyres have a large tread pattern with a few small ones in the centre. They are designed for driving on snow and they offer more grip and comfort compared to sand tyres.

ATV Racing Tyres: Tread Pattern:

The tread pattern on ATV racing tyres should have a square, knobbly shaped patterns. This type of tread is good for going fast on muddy tracks and rocky terrain.

More Tips for Keeping your ATV Tyres in Top Shape

– Always remove the debris out of your ATV tyres, this will prevent any damage to ATV tyres.
– The chains on the tyres are also very important. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere due to broken or worn out chains, so make sure you keep an eye on them too.
– Of course, remember to check the air pressure too. If there is a lot of air in the tyre it can cause a lot of friction and heat. This can cause damage to your ATV’s undercarriage.

What are the best ATV Tyres to Buy?

Our personal pick has to go to Maxxis. They have a specialised range of tyre designs which are designed for different types of terrain, the best thing is that they have a unique tread pattern which is specifically made for each type of terrain.

Maxxis has a wide range of tyres available in a variety of different sizes and configurations for different types of terrain. Their tyres are very durable and they include tread protectors to stop moisture getting into your tyres.

You can buy Maxxis tyres in the UK from mudslingerztyres.co.uk, they offer a wide range of Maxxis tyres at very good prices.


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