Extended Warranty or Dealer Warranty: Choosing the Best Used Car Warranty Type

Extended Warranty or Dealer Warranty Choosing the Best Used Car Warranty Type (1)

One of the everlasting questions that every car owner has to deal with sooner or later is the matter of the car’s warranty. Precisely, it’s whether to go with a third-party extended warranty or a warranty issued by the dealer.

If that question is bothering you as well, you’ve come to the right place. As a provider of the most inclusive extended car warranty UK deals, Best4 features several extended warranty packages. You can choose and adjust your policy to your liking and the features you wish to insure for your vehicle. Let’s dive deeper into the details to see why it makes more sense compared with the dealer’s warranty.

Extended Warranty vs Dealer Warranty — Which One Costs More?

The first thing you’ll probably want to consider is the price tag of the service, and this is where the extended car warranty takes the lead. You can choose from one of three passenger car options — the AutoGold, AutoSilver, and AutoBronze package.

These depend on the features and coverage, and they range from the most expensive to the most affordable option. With dealer warranties, you rarely get the chance to choose as they often have just one or two programs.

Also, dealer warranties are only eligible for customers who maintain their vehicles in the official dealership service. That instantly makes them more expensive in the long run, while third-party warranties like Best4 packages have a broader list of servicing spots you can consider for a fraction of the price.

Benefits Of Third-Party Extended Warranty

If you take on a third-party warranty like one of the Best4 options, you’ll get much more than an affordable plan. Customisation options are endless and they cater to drivers and their needs. These are just some of the main benefits you can expect from the best used car warranty provider:

● Adjustable warranty programs
● Multiple available packages that vary in pricing
● Affordable pricing
● Complete coverage including roadside assistance and recovery

While you get some of these with the dealership’s warranty as well, they are often not as appealing due to their high price range. Plus, third-party coverage is often more user-friendly because of dedicated support systems and assistance.

Benefits and Drawbacks Of Dealer Warranties

The dealership-issued warranty has one major benefit compared with third-party ones as it has the brand name behind it. While this is often a sign for some drivers that it’s worth the extra buck, that’s often not the case.

You’ll most likely have a limited number of service facilities at your disposal which you have to obey if you wish to keep the insurance active. That leads to having to wait for too long for the repairs to be finished, and higher service costs compared to third-party garages.

Also, manufacturer-issued warranties often don’t cover complete replacements outside of the initial new car warranty deals. So, if the first warranty package expires and you renew it at the dealer, you may not be able to use it to cover for the full charge of demanding repairs like engine or transmission rebuilds.

Extended Warranty or Dealer Warranty Choosing the Best Used Car Warranty Type (2)

Play It Safe With Best4 Warranty

One of the main things that makes drivers opt in for dealership warranties is trustworthiness. If you can’t find a reliable third-party car warranty in the UK, it’s often easier to just go with the flow and take a more expensive plan at the dealer.

That’s why you can rely on Best4 services and warranty packages as they are approved by the FCA and you have nothing to worry about. Unlike other warranty providers interested in your money alone, they care about the customers and issue plans under the loop of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

They also have ever-present support staff working from 9 AM to 5 PM so you can turn to us for any inquiries you might need regarding your warranty. With a plan that starts for as low as £11.81 per month, you’ll get an affordable price compared with often expensive dealership packages.

Advantages of Extended Warranty Customization

Best4 believes in giving customers what they want, which is why their service completely covers the replacement of even the most demanding parts. So, even if you end up with a £5,000 paycheck or higher for engine replacement, you’ll be compensated for the full amount.

These are just some of the customizable features you can add or exclude from your warranty deal by preference:

● Breakdowns of mechanical components
● Electrical system issues
● A/C problems and faults
● Entertainment system problems
● Diagnostic costs
● Sat Nav malfunctions
● Unlimited mileage coverage
● Full roadside assistance

Of course, with the extended warranty plan, you can customise sub-categories including battery issues, catalytic converter faults, oxygen sensor issues, or valves and filters.

Criteria For Mileage

One last thing to consider is the coverage particularly related to your car’s mileage. While most dealership packages are strictly related to the mileage, third-party extended warranty deals often give you unlimited mileage.

In other words, if you have a 36-month extended mileage, it doesn’t matter if you pass 5,000 miles or 100,000 miles per year. However, dealership coverage often includes a mileage limit besides the time frame, so you can’t go over the limit for the warranty to remain active.

The bottom line is — if you can find a reliable and reputable extended warranty issuer like Best4 Warranty, you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck without extensive restrictions.


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