Are AC Delco Parts the Same as GM Parts?

Are AC Delco Parts the Same as GM Parts main

If you are working on a General Motors car or truck, you may want to replace some of the parts with original equipment manufacturer replacements. However, you typically won’t find GM OEM parts on the shelves of stores. That is unless you know what to look for. Finding the right components for your vehicle will help to ensure that your project is successful.

Are AC Delco Parts the Same as GM Parts?

When you go to the store and want to buy GM C/K auto parts, for example, should you look for the General Motors name? Typically, no you should not. This is because AC Delco is the name of the OEM brand for GM. It is a subsidiary owned by the auto manufacturer and used to produce and sell a lot of the parts.

These are the same components that your vehicle was originally manufactured with. Therefore, you can replace GM parts with AC Delco parts and experience the exact same performance as with the stock configuration.

Of course, ac delco. If you want to get parts for an older vehicle, you may need to order aftermarket instead of AC Delco. Fortunately, if you search on a website such as AutoZone, you can easily find parts that will fit your vehicle using the make, model and year filter.

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Symptoms of a Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor

Faulty mass air flow sensors are a common issue faced by some GM models. This can be fixed relatively easily if you identify the problem early. So, this may leave you wondering how do you know if you have a bad mass air flow sensor? These are some symptoms to watch out for:

• The engine doesn’t start or turn over easily.
• Your vehicle stalls after starting.
• The engine hiccups sometimes when driving.
• The vehicle idles lean or rich.
• You experience some hesitation when accelerating or while under load.

These symptoms all point to a similar main issue: a bad fuel/air mixture. As you may know, every internal combustion engine works by mixing oxygen with fuel and igniting it. The mass air flow sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of air coming in through the intake. The vehicle using this measurement to calculate how much fuel to mix with the air to achieve the right mixture.

When the mixture is off (running lean with too little fuel or rich with too much), the engine will underperform. Depending on how far off the mixture is, the results can be significant. Furthermore, this can lead to engine damage if not handled promptly. So, if you notice the signs of a bad MAF sensor, fix it promptly.

Get Started Working on Your GM

Whether you have a GM car or truck, you can work on it at home with some AC Delco parts and tools from your favorite store. Don’t forget to pick up the appropriate documentation as well. This should include the service manual and guides such as the GM-C/K Series wiring schematic. With this information in hand, you can properly care for your vehicle.


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