The best data-driven strategies for your marketing agency


As a marketing agency that’s likely looking for innovative ways to improve your services, have you considered expert analytics tools?

More specifically, are you aware of a marketing software tool, known as call tracking software?

In this article, we’ll help you understand what this software is and how it can help you implement data-driven strategies into your agency, to boost your marketing efforts significantly.

Read on to find out more.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is an advanced analytics tool that allows you to identify every customer call you receive, with the specific marketing sources that generated it.

For each call your clients receive, you can attribute this to the various touchpoints the customer visited before, during, and after they called.

With the use of dynamic numbers, you’ll receive detailed analytics for every visitor to your client’s website, and be able to track the entire journey through each activity, campaign, and channel.

Also, with an expert call tracking company you can gain access to visitor-level tracking. Visitor-level tracking enables you to see the full journey of a customer each time they visit, even if they leave a session on your client’s site, and then rejoin later on, before making a call.

These insights and reports can give you a full overview of your marketing performance, showing you the most effective areas for driving leads and sales for your clients and which marketing efforts need improving or scrapping completely. 

What data-driven strategies can you incorporate?

With expert call tracking software in your agency, you can implement a variety of data-driven strategies to improve your efforts, including, but not limited to:

Re-structuring your PPC ads

One of the first strategies you can explore with the software’s analytics is re-structuring your pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

The software can show you the number of conversions being produced from each of your paid ads, including the immediate calls, and the calls that happen later in the customer’s journey as a result of the ad.

This can highlight which ads are bringing the most value to your client’s business as well as those in need of tweaking and improvement, allowing you to structure your PPC channel accordingly. 

For example, you can invest more in your successful ads to further boost engagement, as well as replicate elements of these ads in other activities so they also increase conversions.

Monitoring valuable leads

Another data-driven strategy to implement with call tracking is to monitor the most valuable leads in your marketing.

Using the software, you can see the customers who are purchasing from your clients, but most importantly, the specific channels and activities they funnelled down to get to this point.

This can highlight which marketing sources are generating your most valuable leads – i.e., the ones most likely to convert and then make a purchase. For instance, this could be customers who follow a link from your client’s Facebook page, before making a call and purchasing over the phone.

Once you’ve identified where these leads are coming from, you’ll have a more accurate idea of where to focus your marketing efforts to drive the most conversions and sales.

Reducing marketing costs

An important strategy that call tracking can assist you with, is lowering the costs for your marketing efforts.

By identifying the specific campaigns generating the most leads and sales for your client, you’ll know which areas of your marketing are stronger – and which are weaker.

As a result, you can direct more of your resources towards the more effective areas in your marketing, to ensure every investment is producing profitable returns through conversions and sales.

At the same time, you can lower or remove your budget from the activities which are failing to produce increased leads.

This can leave you with a lower cost per lead for your marketing, and naturally, reduce the costs for your clients also.

If you want to incorporate data-driven strategies into your agency, then there are few options as effective as call tracking software. Contact your expert provider now to take your agency to new heights.


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