Prescribed The Wrong Pills? What To Do Next

Prescribed The Wrong Pills What To Do Next main

As doctors have the responsibility of treating patients with a variety of illnesses and conditions on a daily basis, in the majority of cases the process of prescribing pills and other forms of medication is carried out accurately and safely. However, there are situations in which mistakes can occur due to medical negligence and you will need to know what you can do next to resolve this issue. If a medical professional has prescribed the wrong medication or dosage to you, this can have a severe and far-reaching effect on your health. Below you will find a guide outlining what actions you need to take in cases where you have been prescribed the wrong medication.

Stop Taking The Medication

As soon as you have realised that you have been given the wrong prescription, you must stop taking the medication immediately. You can avoid developing many severe illnesses, as long as you do not continue taking the wrongly prescribed treatment. In the short term, you may experience mild symptoms including headache and nausea. Nevertheless, in certain cases even taking a small amount of the incorrect medication can lead to serious damage to your organism. In addition, this will mean that you were not provided with the necessary treatment to recover from your condition.

Make A Medical Negligence Claim

Consider seeking the help of medical negligence solicitors who can advise you through this process. For example, Sheldon Davidson Solicitors offer support with making specialist medical negligence claims by undertaking investigations on your behalf and compiling the necessary evidence. Should your claim reach a successful conclusion, a team of professionals will help you maximise the compensation amount you can receive. Moreover, they are committed to approaching any case on a no win, no fee basis, guaranteeing you will not have to pay any solicitors’ fees upfront. As a result, this will ensure your best chances of success.

Prescribed The Wrong Pills What To Do Next

Arrange A Check-Up

You will need to contact your doctor straightaway and arrange a check-up, so that they can help you as soon as possible. It will be useful to keep a sample of the medication, so that they can confirm the exact medicine that you have been given. If you suffer any adverse reactions and you cannot consult with your doctor on time, you will need to visit your local A&E and receive assistance immediately. They will be able to identify your state and offer the necessary support. Remember to provide them with detailed information about everything that has occurred.

Keep Hold Of All Records

In order to proceed with this case as smoothly as possible, you will need to stay organised and keep hold of all packaging and medical records you have received. Evidence will be crucial in cases where you need to make a claim due to a doctor error. It will be useful to prepare a timeline of all the side effects you have experienced due to the wrong prescription. This can also include photographic evidence of your physical symptoms. You may also need to obtain product information about the wrong medicine and its properties. Also, remember to look for any doctor’s notes that can be relevant, as well as medical scans you have had.


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