Is a Fire Risk Assessment Cost Prohibitive?

Is a Fire Risk Assessment Cost Prohibitive main

Fire risk assessment is, without a doubt, important for any entity with physical premises. As you contemplate all the costs associated with your physical space, you will, of course, wonder how much a fire risk assessment will cost and whether that cost will be so high that you simply cannot afford it.

What Fire Risk Assessors Do

To find out what fire risk assessors do read on. These professionals undergo technical training in order to be qualified to carry out assessments. They also dedicate valuable time and exert themselves physically to completing the assessment. Remuneration is therefore necessary. The question clients often ponder, though, is ‘how expensive should this price be?’

The experts who carry out a fire risk assessment have to take a number of things into consideration. Essentially, they look for hazards to life and assets. In order to produce a thorough and accurate report, the assessment needs to pay meticulous attention to several elements and characteristics of the premises.

Is a Fire Risk Assessment Cost Prohibitive main work

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment may range in cost from £99 to £900. Several factors affect the cost, including the size and nature of the premises being assessed. Premises with many buildings and larger buildings, for example, take longer to be assessed and will typically attract a higher fee than smaller premises with smaller buildings. Other factors that influence the complexity of a fire risk assessment and, by extension, its cost include;

· The number of people occupying the building(s)
· The type of premises (residential, commercial, etc.)
· The nature of the business conducted on the premises
· The nature of the resources stored on the premises
· The number of floors on the building(s)

Other factors that assessors explore while completing a fire risk assessment include; the vulnerability of the premises’ occupants, the environment surrounding the premises, and the type of fire assessment required.

Putting it All in Context

Depending on your budget and the nature of the assessment you need, you may consider the cost of a fire risk assessment to be overwhelming. With potential costs coming close to and sometimes exceeding £900, these assessments may be considered too costly to take on. But foregoing a fire risk assessment may cost more in the long run. When a property suffers fire damage, the costs may be significant. Billions of dollars go up in fumes all around the world due to fires that could have been avoided. The loss of life is even more serious as no price can be affixed to such a loss.

A fire risk assessment may seem costly on the face of it, but it could save you much more by helping to prevent the devastation that accompanies a fire.

Essentially, the costs associated with a fire risk assessment may be hefty, but foregoing the assessment may cost even more. In other words, the cost of not getting a fire assessment done is by far more expensive than the cost of getting one done.


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