Is a Coffee Franchise Right for You?

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Have you always dreamed of one day opening your own coffee shop? Nothing is stopping you from making that a reality. With numerous franchise opportunities available in this sector, your only real decision is where you’d like to open your store.

According to the British Coffee Association, coffee is the most popular drink globally, 80% of UK consumers visit a café once a week, and 16% go daily. Why wouldn’t you want a slice of this market?

The benefits of coffee franchising

For the right individual, opening a coffee franchise could be the start of a promising future. There are several very compelling reasons for branching out into this field.

Be your own boss

Not just with coffee, but any form of franchising allows you the opportunity to be your own boss. Get out of the corporate environment you might be part of, reclaim your independence, and maybe your sanity. Do something you’re passionate about. Work your preferred hours, hire your ideal staff, sit back, and reap the rewards.

No shortage of customers

People drink coffee and tea and hot chocolate. Whether the economic climate is good or bad, consumers want their daily cup. If they have a favourite brand or location, that’s even better.

Customers all have different likes and dislikes, while some will only visit one shop, others may vary their purchases. Keep in mind that if you choose to franchise a well-known brand, you have an instant client base already.

It’s profitable

Is there money to be made in coffee? Just ask any owner of a Costa, Starbucks, or Caffè Nero, and they’ll all give you a resounding yes! These businesses stand the test of time and remain in operation.

Of course, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Locations may not provide a stream of traffic, or there may be too many competitors. Research and savvy decision making come into play here. Generally speaking, the successes outweigh the failures in this arena.

Training and development

You can start this kind of business with little to no experience. Coffee franchisers offer in-depth training covering everything from day-to-day operating tips to perfecting the ideal cup of the product.

They want you to succeed so they’ll keep in touch to ensure you’re staying on the right track. If you have any challenges, help is only a phone call away.

Change a community or inspire others

Coffee shops are a haven for gatherings of like-minded people. Ones with a relaxed, inviting environment have much greater success rates than others. Places like these are often a ‘safe-space’ and as such, become very popular and highly visited.

You never know who’ll benefit from drinking in your store. Richard Branson drew up his business plan for Virgin Airlines on the back of a serviette, in a coffee shop.

Is a Coffee Franchise Right for You business

Low startup costs

Unlike some other franchises, opening a coffee shop won’t necessarily break the bank. Startup costs can start as low as £25,000, or even less. Provided, you’re in a good location, it shouldn’t take long to recoup this investment.

Many types of premises

Shop, kiosk or van

Another one of the beauties of offering coffee to the masses is in the choice of environment. Consumers source food and beverages from three main places – a sit-down restaurant, a takeaway kiosk, or via some form of delivery service. Franchising offers all of these.

Coffee shop

For many business owners, the lure of shopfront retail franchises where customers can come and sit down and enjoy the premises is something they can’t pass up. The benefit here is that people can spend more time and money on items like food and snacks and beverages.

Takeaway kiosk

For others, a kiosk is a preferred choice as it takes up less space in the shopping centre. These businesses do an excellent turn-over for a client base that is in a hurry. Food is also available; however, it’s to go, rather than sit in and consume.

There are numerous franchise opportunities for future coffee shop or kiosk owners. Triple Two Coffee, recognised by the famous 222 logo, is currently looking for franchisees keen to explore this market.

Coffee Van

Why not consider taking coffee to the consumers. Workplace, industrial and building site employees often can’t leave the premises in their search for food and drink. This is where the mobile van market has a captive audience, willing to pay for convenience.

Coffee franchises such as Coffee Blue, owned by parent company Vantastec, provide coffee and food from a moveable location. It is ready for new franchisees interested in taking beverages to the people.

Are you ready?

There’s never been a better time to take the leap into business ownership. Coffee is a lucrative market, and opportunities are endless.


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