Adventure Activities for Business Work Outings

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One of the best ways employers can strengthen the performance of their teams is through team building exercises or work outings. These work outings are not only good for reducing stress and pressure levels among employees but also give them a chance to bond with one another under different circumstances. So the moment you realise that there are a lot of drooping shoulders around the office, take swift action and plan a business work outing for your employees. Here are a few adventure activities that will have your team connecting and working together in no time:

1. Paintballing/Airsoft games

Paintballing has grown from just being an activity with paramilitary roots into one of the best outdoor activities for workmates to participate in. This activity will require employees to split into teams, each wearing brightly coloured jerseys, to then hit the construct fields for some fast-paced sports. The thrilling feeling and competitiveness of the game makes it such a fun activity for business workers. However, before you hit the field, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary airsoft equipment, such as clothing and combat gear, which you can find at Land Warrior Airsoft.

2. Go-Kart Racing

A little competition on the race tracks will go a long way in boosting employee productivity while bonding the team together. Go-Karting really tests energy levels and improves team tactics, with a huge reliance on communication skills and forward thinking. This is the perfect test for individual and group strength and improving working relationships as colleagues will have no choice but to interact with one another. Nonetheless, always make sure that everyone stays safe and clad in the right gear.

Adventure Activities for Business Work Outings kayak

3. Kayaking

Water-based activities always scream “let’s work together.” Water is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors so why not bring out your employees on a sunny day and enjoy some kayaking? Just grab a paddle and head to the river for some great water experience, be sure to check out the stunning North Yorkshire and Lake District kayaking locations if you’re unsure on where to go for this activity. Kayaking is a great chance for employees to learn new skills and develop their communication between one another so pair them up, let them work together and remember your life jacket.

4. Rock climbing

If you want to build your employees on individual and team achievement, then you should definitely consider rock climbing. You could have pairs do basic supported climbing to learn how to climb together or you could perform blind climbs where one partner guides the other from the ground, both exercises will help build trust between the partners. Some of the other core skills employees can learn when rock climbing are leadership, problem-solving, communication and risk-taking which they can take back to the workplace.

5. Scrambling

Scrambling is an outdoor activity where participants have to ascend rocky ridges and faces. Some define it as the moment when you have to take your hands out of your pockets to get yourself up a bit of rock. It is a brilliant way to encourage the development of self-confidence and team working and can be combined easily with another activity. As long as it is done with safety in mind, scrambling can be very enjoyable and fulfilling! However, if you’re a beginner and the route slightly challenging, you can always use a rope for safety purposes.

6. Rappelling

This is a form of controlled descent against a rock face with the aid of a rope. People who have a thing for climbing often use this approach when descending a steep cliff or slope. Rappelling is a unique activity that can help employees boost their risk-taking abilities and confidence as well, especially for those who have issues overcoming their mental blocks. It can sometimes be dangerous depending on the location, so it’s important that you have all the correct rappelling gear. It should always be done in a group setting and with the presence of motivation and support to help employees overcome this intense outdoor activity.


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