Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Wedding Umbrella

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Wedding Umbrella main

It can be a very daunting task to pick the best wedding umbrella, as there are more than a hundred versions of such umbrellas on the market. From different colours, designs, to quality; you have a lot of choose from.

If you have ever dreaded getting drenched in an unexpected shower of rain or worried about getting wet due to last-minute umbrella failure at a wedding, then this buyer’s guide is certainly going to help you a lot. We have listed the points that all buyers should keep in mind before they plan to buy Wedding Umbrellas.

Look for a Robust Metal Frame

The structure of an umbrella comprises a large proportion of its parts, so it is important to know about it before you make the final decision. Usually, three key sections constitute an umbrella – the canopy, handle, and shaft. In general, the umbrella frame has around six to twenty-four ribs that hold it straight. You will see that majority of companies add only eight ribs to their umbrellas. This is because eight ribs are enough to generally provide the needed strength for an everyday use umbrella.

Choosing the number of ribs in an umbrella is entirely your choice, but eight ribs is fine. If you desire more than eight ribs, then your choice for the wedding umbrellas will reduce. Also, more ribs means more weight – think, for example, of the heavy weight that umbrellas with 24 ribs will give. This can, in fact, make it difficult for you to hold the umbrella when in rain. So, for this case, it is better to stick to an umbrella with eight ribs.

The manufacturing material of the wedding umbrellas is a very important point to consider before buying them. Most quality frames are built in such a way that they can be bent to within a range for proper functioning. This will make them efficient enough to absorb any strong blowing winds. Always go for a frame that is made up of steel or fiberglass, as this provides the needed strength at an affordable price. Not only this, but they offer bend resistance up to a certain degree. Resist from selecting umbrellas with aluminium frames as they can break even in a mild storm and once the frame is weakened, it makes your umbrella look shabby.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Wedding Umbrella chart

Compact Umbrella or Stick Umbrella

The next thing that you need to remember while purchasing the wedding umbrellas is to choose a compact or stick umbrella. A lightweight or stick umbrella should always be your first choice. Normally, when closed, a compact umbrella – also called a mini umbrella – is about 25-30 cm. On the other hand, a stick umbrella is about 80-110 cm when closed, and is referred to as a walking umbrella, or golf umbrella. However, there are certain conditions under which your choice could be influenced:

• If the main consideration for purchase is that the umbrella should be lightweight and is possible only going to be used fordisplay purposes, then we would suggest you buy the compact umbrella. This way your umbrella will function if needed, but also be handy and look good for the pictures.
• However, if the canopy size and strength of the umbrella is your consideration – for example, if bad weather is predicted – then you need to get the stick umbrella. These will protect your look and clothes despite being cumbersome.

Canopy Size

The next consideration is the most important when buying wedding umbrellas. Always take the size of the canopy when into consideration while making a purchase. Usually, umbrellas are measured across the canopy arc and this will determine the length of fabric used to cover the user. A diameter scale that measures the canopy from one side to the other can be used. The measurement of the diameter is typically about 10 percent – 30 percent less than the measurement of the arc. To cover one human, we suggest get an umbrella with a diameter of at least 90 cm and a diameter of 120 cm is perfect for two people.

Weight of the Umbrella

The stick umbrella weighs up to 500-700 kg, while the compact one weighs 300-400 kg. Always bear in your mind that heavy umbrellas are going to have robust handles, tougher fabrics, and a larger proportion of materials used to make it. This suggests buying a tougher umbrella as it will last longer – but for a wedding the lower weight umbrella is much more practical.

We hope now you must have understood which points are to be considered before you buy your wedding umbrellas. Collar and Cuffs London can help you get the best umbrella for any upcoming wedding. A good idea would be to visit the website and have a look at different designs of wedding umbrellas available there.


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