Benefits of Camomile Tea for Eczema

Benefits of Camomile Tea for Eczema main

What’s the one item bound to feature on any blog post with a guide or listicle featuring tips on coping with eczema? That itchy, red rash is a most uncomfortable condition which can occasionally develop into something more fatal? That item has to be camomile tea. This mild and delicious herbal tea has been used for centuries to deal with a number of complaints and stress-related problems. As our modern world becomes more hectic and stressful, this soothing herbal drink is growing in popularity. People use this natural healer to deal with health problems from sleeplessness to indigestion and skin complaints. Not to mention the skin condition we’ve been discussing. In a world where people are looking for natural remedies rather than drugs that may have side effects, this mild and soothing herbal tea is a popular choice. Diet plays a big role in healing Eczema, several diet guides about food for eczema can be found online.

Natural Moisturiser

Along with its various, soothing properties, camomile is a natural moisturizer. It’s an ingredient in many beauty products. Skincare preparations such as facial moisturisers and body lotions feature it. The Sond company is one that features this ingredient in its products. Sond skin preparations are specially formulated to treat super sensitive skin. They feature only the mildest and gentlest natural ingredients. This UK-based company is endeavoring to turn back the clock and fight the aging process. It uses totally alkaline ingredients, such as gentle but effective botanical extracts. No harsh chemicals. What could be a more gentle botanical substance than camomile?

Organic Skincare

If you want skincare tips, all you have to do is do a Google search and find a good blog post on the topic. But if you suffer from certain skin diseases, all the tips in the world won’t make a difference. In the case of severe skin complaints, proper treatment is what you need. Not to mention pure, organic skincare rather than harsh, drug-based treatments. Sond is dedicated to the organic kind of treatment. Sond skin preparations are the purest, mildest, yet the most effective type of such products. It’s not the only company making such products, but it’s certainly one of the best. Ointments that are camomile-based are particularly effective.

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GMOs – Boon or Bane?

As mentioned, nowadays there’s a trend towards all things organic. There is a large number of people in the world who have become vegetarian. Some are so strict that they even refuse to eat dairy products and eggs. This diet is known as vegan. These diets are considered to be a type of fashion nowadays. Whereas years ago, people following this type of diet were considered to be eccentric, they are very much part of the mainstream today. People are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of a meat-based diet on their wellbeing. GMOs or Genetically modified organisms are also becoming a cause of concern for the environmentally-conscious. Developments in biotechnology have given rise to fruits and vegetables which have all kinds of amazing properties in comparison with those of yesteryear. Many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect of these GMOs on human health. They are too recent and not enough is known about them to ascertain how safe they are. You will often find certain branded teas such as camomile being described as GMO-free.

Benefits of Camomile Tea

The health benefits of camomile tea are widely known. We know it soothes the digestive system, boosts immunity and restores sleep. In 2000, the European Journal of Medical Research claimed that a topical cream based on camomile for skin rashes was slightly superior to a steroidal-based cream. One treatment that works for some sufferers is a cold compress. With this treatment, a cold camomile tea bag is applied to the skin and left there for 20 minutes. This is followed by an application of natural camomile ointment. Drinking camomile tea probably helps in some way too. Taking a warm bath with camomile flowers or tea bags in it is considered beneficial for the disease sufferers too. As camomile contains flavonoids and polyphenols, two powerful antioxidants, it has the healing properties required to tackle this worrying condition.

Cruelty-Free Products

In keeping with the trend towards all things natural, cruelty-free products are more in demand than ever before. As mentioned, it’s practically current fashion to turn vegan or vegetarian. Beauty without cruelty is a new mantra to guide us today, with more people becoming aware of the immorality of testing products on animals. Camomile fits in very well here. It’s organic and getting it doesn’t require any killing or destructive action. It’s mild and soothing, yet very effective. It’s a herb and herbal tea for our times.


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