The Eras Tour: 8 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera – You Wouldn’t Believe


The 2nd leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has since been concluded, but there are unbelievable moments that happened from both the 1st and 2nd leg of the tour that people can’t stop talking about, if these moments weren’t caught on camera, you wouldn’t believe this article.

Recall that Taylor Swift commenced her 6th headlined tour earlier this year, “The Eras Tour.” The world immediately knew that the Eras Tour was something it had never seen before, and the facts gathered from captured moments of the tours by attendees solidified the feeling that this tour would go down in history – and to add to it all, as the first tour to land the tourist in the list of billionaires due to its great generated revenue.

Taylor Swift is currently warming up for the other quarter of the Eras Tour that is starting next year, and the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer is kicking it off in Tokyo, Japan. You can optionally get the Eras tour tickets from a dedicated marketplace, while we dive right into the 8 unbelievable moments caught on camera during the Eras Tour.

The Moment Taylor Swallowed a Fly Onstage

If this especially, wasn’t caught on camera, you wouldn’t believe it. The moment when Taylor Swift swallowed a fly while performing on stage.  A lot of fans define the situation to be an awkward one – with some wishing they were that lucky fly that got to be in Taylor’s belly.

While other fans think it must have felt disgusting, Taylor on one hand made a joke about the situation. After realizing that she had swallowed a fly onstage, she announced the occurrence to her fans and added “Is there any chance that none of you saw that?”

The question was a rhetorical one since shortly after the event, videos of the moment started making rounds on the internet.

The next one will surprise you.

The Moment Taylor Swam Onstage

Of all our years covering celebrities’ tour stories; never have we seen an artist swim on stage during a live performance. Taylor seemed to have raised the bar high for other tourists and it is placed so high, it will take a while before it’s toppled.

The shocking performance came amidst Swift’s surprise song performance. As a tradition since the Eras Tour began, Swift performs two surprise songs for her fans. This time, she decided to make the experience an unusual one.

The amateur video captured her waving her arms in the air, and swan diving into the floor of the stage. She immediately popped up swimming underneath the stage in what appeared to be a perfect representation of water.

It’s still unclear if Swift had real water under the stage, but if this wasn’t captured on camera, we probably wouldn’t believe it.

The Moment Taylor’s Security Guard Stole the Show

Taylor Swift has influenced the hearts of so many people, with security guards not being an exception. The moment was captured by fans, during one of Taylor’s performances in Arizona.

The security guard, named Pocket, was working during Taylor’s performance when her “Swiftie Spirit” took over. She gave fans her version of the performance Taylor was putting up on the big stage, and she gave free hugs amidst the act.

Even though she looked a bit elderly, the video featured her putting up some amazing dance moves – and the fans present there said she confessed to being a “1989” die-hard fan.

The Moment Taylor Popped Out of a Cleaning Cart

Confirming the influence of Taylor Swift in the lives of her fans, Swifties are their investigative journalism skills that seem to spring up every time there’s something resembling a clue to something even more amazing.

Taylor, who has proven to be a fan of extraordinary things, has only initiated her fans into being like her. After her show in Arlington, Swifties started speculating about her coming to the stage in a Janitor’s cart. Although there wasn’t any evidence to back up the claim earlier, thanks to the investigative skills of Swifties, we recently received a video confirming the rumor.

The video featured 2 men who are presumably part of Taylor’s team, pushing up a janitor’s cart to the back of the stage. A few seconds into the video, Taylor was seen popping out of the cart and climbing up to the stage in a shiny dress.

The Moment a Wedding Took Place in Taylor’s Eras Tour Concert

Forget about the hundreds of couples getting proposed to, during concerts of their favorites. Would you ever believe that a marriage took place in Taylor’s Glendale’s Eras Tour concert if it wasn’t captured on camera? We wouldn’t, but it happened.

Max Bochman and Rene Hurtado got married with their family and friends present at Taylor’s concert. To blow your mind, this wasn’t a coincidence. The couple both planned it out and so, they came along with their bridal train, witnesses and other Swifties who were present at the concert turned wedding guests.

The ceremony took place during Swift’s stage break. The next one will blow your mind.

The Moment Taylor Rebuked a Security Guard

Now, many celebrities will be glad their security guard is actively protecting them from harm’s way and it’s not their fault, especially since some fans can go gaga and decide to throw harmful objects at the celebrity or climb up the stage to force themselves on the artist.

But Taylor Swift has shown she values each of her fans to the extent that she rebuked one of her guards as he tried to bully some Swifties on the floor of the stage she was performing “Bad Blood” on during the Eras Tour show.

Many fans have now iconized the moment and even made T-shirts to remind them of the time Taylor stood up for a fan without missing a beat as she performed.

The Moment Taylor Performed Under Rain for Hours

Nashville can never forget the time when Taylor Swift took the stage to perform until 2 am the next day, due to a heavy downpour of rain that took over the time her show was supposed to start the previous day.

Swift said, “We also never, ever, ever forget rain shows. … This is something we’re all doing together,” and then went on to give her Nashville fans a performance they will never forget.

Nashville is a special place for Taylor Swift. It is the place that marks the beginning of her musical Era. Her parents moved to Nashville to give her a fighting chance in the music industry, and we can all see how that decision has managed to make history.

The Moment an Accountant Turned Security Guard Just to See Taylor Perform

Swifties all over the world have done crazy things since the Eras Tour started. But none caught our attention like that of an accountant who turned into a security guard at the Nissan Stadium just to be able to attend Taylor Swift’s concert.

The video of the security guard went viral after concert attendees recorded him passionately singing Taylor’s songs as she performed and it raised some questions since there aren’t as many male Swifties as there are females.

Davis Perrigo cleared the air and confessed that he wasn’t a security guard (As per professional job); he just needed the gig after he failed to secure tickets to Taylor’s show. He also added, “My wife jokes that I sing Taylor Swift songs with such passion for someone who’s never been broken up with.”


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