Jason Derulo – Live Review – Leeds Arena

Jason Derulo – Live Review – Leeds Arena (2)

By Graham Clark, March 2024

Fans of Jason Derulo have had to wait over six years for the R&B pop star to return to Leeds, so having to watch a ten minute countdown before Derulo arrives on stage is an amusing irony.

As the lights dim, there he is, popping out of a raised platform and looking athletic and primed for action – and the American star does not disappoint in a two hour show that is energetic, engaging and entertaining.

His fanbase has grown since he was last in Leeds, with original fans still in attendance along with those who were too young to see the star previously.

Naturally, he includes some of his big hits early on with ‘Watcha Say’ and ‘Wiggle’ showcasing his dance moves, alongside a team of dancers who never let the energy drop.

For ‘Savage Love’ he brings on stage his three-year-old son, who seems more interested in giving the Leeds audience a version of ‘Baby Shark’!

Then, just when you think the dancing and several displays of twerking are starting to become a little tired, Derulo and his band drop the mood for ‘U+1’ where he performs some role play with one of the dancers. As she stands on a sofa, an argument ensues and they walk away from one another. Showing a different side to Derulo, the sequence contrasts well within the rest of the show.

Jason Derulo – Live Review – Leeds Arena (1)

“Different shades”

The atmosphere changes yet again as Michael Buble appears on the video screen for a slice of Latin-style dancing for ‘Spicy Margarita’, a track off his new album, Nu King; coming out of his comfort zone the song proves that there are many different shades of music in Derulo’s repertoire.

But it is the old favourites that the fans have come to hear: ‘Trumpets’ has the audience raking over the chorus of the song, which also occurs on ‘Swalla’.

The part time TikTok fan even stages a moment when he pretends to interrupt a song when he has to go to the bathroom – the joke, no doubt, will be viewed millions of times on the social network platform.

Wrapping the night up with the hits ‘Ayo Girl’ and ‘Talk Dirty’ he naturally finds an opportunity to rip off his t-shirt to show off a muscled torso as thousands of fans scream back. It all might sound contrived, but the moment somehow fits perfectly into the end of a consummate performance.

As far as Nu Kings go, Derulo wears his crown majestically in Leeds – he’s an all-round showman.

images: Graham Clark


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