The Lovely Eggs – Live Review – Leeds Brudenell Social Club

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By Victoria Holdsworth, July 2021

After a long nearly two year live music hiatus, who better to come back to than The Lovely Eggs, one of the best live bands you could possibly see. Old faithfuls of The Brudenell, Holly and Dave, lit up the stage from the second they stepped on to it.

The gig is sold out, but the venue has not been over sold, so social distancing was achievable, however the band’s usual eager audience is spilling out of the front doors.

Opening with three absolute bangers from their latest album, I Am Moron; ‘Long Stem Carnations’ has a certain Seattle grunge sound to it, but the Lancastrian punk jugular vein pumping  through it is something only The Lovely Eggs can provide.

The Lovely Eggs – Live Review – Leeds Brudenell Social Club tour

“Killer riffs”

‘This Decision’ has a gritty driving beat and is almost hypnotic. However, it’s the third epic from the opening salvo, ‘You Can Go Now’, that signals Holly and Dave are warmed up to the max and entering that musical point of no return.

Addressing the crowd, there’s always great banter between the two of them. If you are lucky enough, Holly tells us, you could get on eBay and bid for Dave’s vintage Mickey Mouse soap, with the winner deciding if they want it used or not. Currently my friend Alistair is the highest bidder and would prefer it sans pubic hair.

For the rest of the set we are treated to a mixture of tunes from their vast back catalogue of work. ‘Witchcraft’ from This Is Eggland, and ‘Magic Onion’, released back in 2015 from the album This Is Our Nowhere, is an amazingly gritty, psychedelic masterpiece which has some killer riffs and is a definite crowd pleaser.

Holly said although it was only the second night of their tour, playing at the Brudenell always feels like home.

The Lovely Eggs – Live Review – Leeds Brudenell Social Club carnations“Frenzy!”

‘I Am Moron’, from the self titled album released this year is hooky and splendidly bizarre enough that the great Iggy Pop lent his vocal talents to on the track, although sadly he did not make a guest appearance. The great Moron material doesn’t end there! One of the best tunes of the set was ‘Insect Repellent’ and it’s a force to be reckoned with. Holly lets rip against Dave’s relentlessly perfect drum rolls, before bringing things down with a slower fan favourite, ‘Fuck It’, from 2011 release Cob Dominos – which is a must for anyone’s collection.

Within the blink of an eye they have nearly finished a two hour set, as ‘Dickhead’ goes down a storm, with its stomping rhythms and barbed lyrics, all wrapped up in a smattering of cheek and humour that only The Lovely Eggs can produce.

Saving the best until last, they blasted into my absolute favourite track, ‘Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like It)’, also from Cob Dominos, sending the main room into a complete frenzy! The crowd and The Eggs took the roof off!

An encore of ’24 Eyes’ from the latest album seals the night, and leaves everyone wanting more.

It was a triumphant return for The Lovely Eggs and The Brudenell – and a small chink of hope for the future of live music. I cannot wait for more.


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