Guts World Tour – Barcelona: List Of Banned Items At Palau Sant Jordi


Olivia Rodrigo will be in Barcelona on the 18th of June, for a one-day concert which will be held in Palau Sant Jordi – a venue with a concert capacity of 24k people. The 21-year-old singer has taken to her Instagram to announce how happy she is so far with her shows in England while announcing more dates for her fans in Asia.

The “Guts World Tour” took a turn that not many were expecting. When Olivia announced that she’d be headlining her 2nd career tour, people thought it was going to be a regular show organized by an upcoming artist.

People didn’t know that Olivia had some magic up her sleeves and that she had greatly improved in handling and entertaining her audience, after her debut tour, “Sour Tour,” in 2022. Fast forward to now, with more than 38 shows done, the singer felt it was time to widen her perspective, so she added more dates to the schedule of her concert.

In due time, the concert will be in Barcelona. Even though Olivia is still considered a fast-rising artist, she has created some sort of excitement in the hearts of thousands of people anticipating her coming to Barcelona.

Amid the anticipation, we decided to drop a list of items that are banned at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. This will help you prepare better with the items that are allowed into the venue. Additionally, we know how difficult it is to secure tickets to Olivia’s concerts. This is most especially because she is drawing more people to her fanbase every day.

In light of this, we suggest you look up Olivia Rodrigo Barcelona tickets through an alternative ticket marketplace. This will ensure you secure tickets to the Barcelona concert on time.

Items Banned At Palau Sant Jordi

Here, we’ll check out items that are banned at Palau Sant Jordi. We figured that this would help you get the list of items that you’ll be bringing along to the concert right.

Big Bags

There’s a standard policy concerning bags that you can bring to Palau Sant Jordi. First and most important is that your bag has to be the size of an A4 paper, as only bags that size are allowed into the venue.

The second is that your bag has to be transparent. This will make the items inside your bag visible to the security at the entrance, reducing the time you’ll need to spend for inspection. If you’re already feeling like an A4-sized bag will be too small for all the items you’ll need at the concert, then you need to carefully go through this list to make sure you’re not including an item that is banned already.

Recording Devices or Professional Cameras

These will not be allowed in Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. Drones also fall in this category. An alternative to these will be a mini camera, one you can use to record whatever you find amazing at the concert.

Your phone will also serve just fine in this situation. But, a small camera will ensure you conserve your phone’s battery as well since you can record with the camera, and then update with your smartphone.

Food and Drinks

Outside drinks or food will not be allowed into the venue. But, the good news is that there will be active restaurants in the venue where you can easily get whatever you need at the concert. Just ensure you bring along some cash to cater for your needs when they arise.

As for drinks, if water is your major concern, don’t worry as there will be water stations where you can get a cup of water anytime you feel like it. Aside from the fact that you’ll get to try different dishes due to this policy, it’ll create more space for you in your small A4-sized bag for other important items, such as a small camera or an extra phone if you have one.

Bottles and Glass Containers

Bottles will not be allowed into the venue. This policy might be flexible if you need to bring medicine in a bottle. But, if you have an alternative option for your medicine, you can have that as a backup plan before attending the concert.

In a situation where you’ll need to carry anything in a glass container, know that you’ll not be granted access to the venue with that container. It is best if you find an alternative carrier in the meantime as glass containers and bottles are mostly banned, regardless of their importance.

This policy stands because these items can be thrown at someone, and can cause injuries.


Weapons are not allowed into Palau Sant Jordi, regardless of the purpose for bringing them. In this category, we have scissors, knives and even throwable objects such as power banks, and also poles of any kind, such as selfie sticks.

While you might be a complete professional weapon handler, concerts are usually packed full of people jumping and dancing. Accidents might happen. So, your best safety practice is to keep your weapon at home.

Security at Palau Sant Jordi will be top-level. You’ll have nothing to worry about.

Fireworks and Laser Pointers

Fireworks are gradually becoming a norm in concerts such as the “Guts World Tour.” However, the fact that most of Olivia’s concerts are held in closed-door venues makes firework displays unsafe.

Therefore, it’ll be a safety precaution to avoid bringing a firework along with you to the concert. Not even a firecracker as it could easily go sideways. Laser pointers are also banned, alongside pyrotechnics.

Hopefully, a time will come in the future when Olivia organizes her concerts in a stadium. This will allow us to enjoy fireworks to the fullest in her shows.

Illegal Substances

Substances such as drugs will be confiscated at the entry point. You’ll be searched at the point of entry, and if it’s found on you, it will be confiscated and might not be returned to you. Alcohol also falls in this category.

Additionally, smoking is prohibited in the venue. However, you’re allowed to have a smoke outside of the venue. If you’re inside already, and you feel the need to smoke, you can go out of Palau Sant Jordi and help yourself. But, wouldn’t that be too stressful?


Sadly, your pets will have to sit this one out, and it is for their safety. The excitement, coupled with the jumping and singing might take you off balance a bit. When that happens, you might lose consciousness of your pet.

This might result in the pet’s injury, to state the least. Besides, y’all can watch the videos of special moments you capture in the concert, when you get home. Pets are getting super intelligent with each passing day.

Flags and Banners

Flags of any kind are not allowed in the venue. So also are banners of any kind. These are items that can obstruct the view of other people in the concert, and it’ll be considered rude.

Additionally, as stated earlier, the poles on which these flags or banners will be mounted can be used as weapons. Besides, Palau Sant Jordi is a closed venue. Flags and banners are extreme in this context.


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