Eras Tour: Japan VS Singapore – Where Did Taylor Swift Rock More In Asia?


The Eras Tour has been an amazing journey of greatness, with Taylor Swift in the middle of it all. Her 6th career tour turned out to be one of the greatest live performances the world has ever seen, and she has a billion-dollar generated revenue, among other influences attributed to the “Eras Tour,” to show for it.

In the long run, we also received news that some countries went to the extent of paying to host the Eras Tourist and her team. This is because of the global impact that the Eras Tour has had on economies it has visited in the last 11 months.

If anything solidifies the fact that Taylor Swift has truly achieved a greater height with the “Eras Tour,” it is the fact that there’s almost nothing that goes in and out of the World Wide Web that does not carry “Taylor Swift,” or the “Eras Tour.”

During the “Eras Tour, there’s one thing that Taylor Swift placed at the top of her priorities, and that is consistency with every performance, regardless of location, time and number of Swifties present in the concert.

In this article, we will be comparing Japan VS Singapore, 2 of the recently visited Asian countries in the “Eras Tour” schedule. Recall that Taylor Swift visited Tokyo on the 7th of February, and performed in the Tokyo Dome for 4 days, and then visited Singapore on the 2nd of March, and performed in the Singapore National Stadium for 6 days.

After her visitation, these 2 Asian countries decided to go head to head with each other, with one claiming they had a better time with Taylor Swift than the other. Withstanding the fact that Taylor Swift has been quite consistent with her schedules since the commencement of the “Eras Tour,” we find this to be slightly arguable.

But, like we said, let’s compare the two countries and see what comes out of our curiosity. Lastly, before we get into it, know that you can always get Taylor Swift tickets through a reliable ticket marketplace if you need one to catch up with Taylor Swift at her next concert.

Let’s get into comparison.


The “Eras Tour” scheduling was a bit competitive in some parts of the world that Taylor Swift visited. It was so tight to the extent that some countries only got to host the Eras Tourist for 2 days. And, if you think that was worse, think about Cardiff which got just 1 day with Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

But, guess what?


Got 4 days in the “Eras Tour” schedule, which is even more than Detroit and Chicago got. But, not as much as Singapore, since;


Got 6 days in the schedule list. Guess this settles it on which country between the two had to spend more time with Taylor Swift amidst the “Eras Tour.”


If we conclude the comparison here, then Singapore would be taking the trophy home, since the Swifties in Singapore got 2 additional days with Taylor Swift than the Swifties in Japan.

But, we still have other factors to check. So, unto the next one then.


Taylor Swift has been breaking attendance records ever since she began the “Eras Tour” in 2023. In this comparison, we’ll see how she did in Singapore and Japan.


Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” was held in Japan’s Tokyo Dome, and this venue is known to carry more than 55k people when used for concert purposes.

Now, we all know that Taylor Swift’s concerts are usually packed full of people, to the point that there are no standing spaces left.

If the same thing happened during Taylor’s visit to Tokyo Dome, then the attendance recorded would be more than 55k probably leading to 60k people and more.


The “Eras Tour” concert was held in Singapore’s National Stadium, which is located in Kallang. The stadium is known to carry 55k people when it is used for concert purposes. Considering the magnitude of Taylor Swift’s concerts, 55k is going to be the least to expect.


It is evident enough that both stadiums where Taylor Swift took the “Eras Tour” in Singapore and Japan have a concert capacity of 55k people. This leaves the only difference between the two based on the number of people standing, and extras that made it to the concert on the die-minute.

In other words, there isn’t any notable difference here to compare since both stadiums can carry 55k people and more.

Special Moments

One of the major ways we’ve been able to relive memories of the “Eras Tour” is through capturing special moments.

In this section, we’re going to compare some of the special moments that were captured amidst Taylor Swift’s performances in Singapore and Japan, during the “Eras Tour.”


In Japan, the cameras of more than 50k fans captured the moment Taylor Swift almost lost her life on stage, amidst her performance.

One video which was posted on YouTube by Access Hollywood with 1.9 million subscribers, showed the moment Taylor almost lost her step while walking down a cabin-like structure in Japan.

The singer regained her balance, and casually walked down the structure, then turned around to make a joke about it, and that was what made the moment special.


In Singapore, one special moment that will never be forgotten is the time Taylor Swift gave her 22’ Hat to a young fan who was waiting eagerly at the foot of the stage for Taylor Swift to come out from backstage with her choreographers.

Excitement was the emotion of the day, as both Taylor Swift and the young fan couldn’t hide the expression on their faces. Taylor went straight up to the young fan, knelt and removed her hat to place it on the girl’s head.

The young fan also came prepared as she tied Taylor Swift’s wrist with a friendship bracelet, an act that has now become the norm in the “Eras Tour.”


Even though the special moment used for Japan in this comparison might seem like a sad one, the fact that we can talk about it now and not get sad, but laugh about it is what makes it one of the special moments of the “Eras Tour,” and also a fair mate to the moment chosen for Singapore.

What we haven’t told you yet is the fact that Taylor Swift made a motivation out of her “Would’ve Been Fall.” She said, “I almost fell off the cabin, but I didn’t, and that’s the lesson.” Her fans let out a roar after realizing the message she had just passed. It led to many others believing the “Would’ve Been Fall” was all planned to enable Taylor Swift to pass a message, but we doubt that.


If we were to pick which of the 2 Asian Countries truly had a wonderful time with Taylor Swift, we’d pick Singapore because they had more days compared to Japan, and above all, nothing beats the sight of a young fan who is madly in love with Taylor Swift’s craft finally getting some recognition in front of more than 50k people, by Taylor Swift.

However, don’t forget to give your opinion.


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