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By Sandra Callard

The Blind Spots casts a spell that lingers. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a global loss of sight has reshaped reality, Mullen weaves a tapestry of intrigue that captivates from start to finish.

Five years after the world plunged into darkness, the remnants of society strive to adapt. Mullen’s deft touch introduces readers to a society where ingenuity meets desperation, as scientists grapple to reverse the sightless predicament. Through an inventive device transmitting data directly to the brain, a semblance of normalcy is regained. However, a sinister underbelly emerges when a scientist’s murder disrupts the fragile equilibrium.

Enter homicide detective Mark Owens, our flawed yet compelling protagonist. As he navigates a landscape riddled with distorted visions and shadowy motives, Owens becomes the bedrock upon which this unsettling new world rests. Mullen’s character work shines, sculpting an ensemble cast that grapples with the surreal while striving for the mundane.

Against this eerie backdrop, a primal societal hierarchy emerges. Guns and self-preservation define this brave new order, echoing the primal instincts that emerge when the old world crumbles. This mosaic of good, evil, and morally ambiguous characters sees Owens ascend as the lodestar amid the chaos.

The Blind Spots by Thomas Mullen Book Review cover“Veneer of hope”

Mullen presents readers with a series of implausible scenarios that gradually meld into a terrifyingly plausible reality. The strange becomes familiar, and hope flickers amidst the terror. As the struggle for a semblance of normalcy persists, The Blind Spots morphs into more than a mere police procedural; it exudes an entirely new resonance.

Amidst the darkness, tendrils of romance emerge, both unlikely and heartening. Mullen’s characters, while navigating unimaginable horrors, never relinquish their pursuit of human connection.

While enveloped in brutality, a thread of aspiration prevails, promising a light at the end of the tunnel. The Blind Spots may not sit comfortably with all readers, but Mullen adorns the tale with a veneer of hope that emboldens the characters to confront their demons.

This audacious narrative unfurls, the characters mustering strength to confront their darkest challenges. Mullen’s unconventional storytelling style proves addictive, guiding the reader through a labyrinth of intrigue and innovation. With The Blind Spots, Mullen has crafted a haunting, memorable novel that leaves an indelible mark.

‘The Blind Spots’ by Thomas Mullen is published by Hodder & Stoughton


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