York Band Bull Sign to EMI Records and Release First Label Single

Bull York Band EMI Signing

Up-and-coming York band, Bull have announced their signing to EMI Records. The band and EMI are working alongside Young Thugs, a York based record label that releases, records and promotes music from the North of the UK.

To celebrate the band have released new single ‘Green’. It’s a blissful slice of jangle-pop with hints of psychedelia and some scuzzy lead guitar. Depending on which member of the band you ask, the song is either a melancholy rumination on decisions made and the grass always being greener, or it’s about “ripping bongs down at the basketball court when you really should be writing the next great American novel.” Make of that what you will…

Bull York Band EMI Signing

“A mix of friendships and happenstance”

They were formed in 2011 by vocalist and songwriter Tom Beer and guitarist Dan Lucas. Bull’s mission is simply to make the music they wanted to listen to. Stuff that inspired them, like their 90’s heroes Pavement, Yo La Tengo and the Pixies. The rest of the band came together through a mix of friendships and happenstance. Drummer Tom Gabbatiss joined after he and Tom jammed together in bars while they were back-packing round Thailand. And Kai West had previously used to jump up on stage with the band and “Bez” (verb meaning to dance badly while intoxicated) before they eventually let him play bass.

Bull are a unique group within the city’s already eclectic scene. The band’s sound mixes together their alt-rock influences along with Tom’s down-to-earth song writing. And that mixes well with the wry sense of humour that comes naturally to the four Yorkshiremen.

They’ve played support shows for the likes of Squid, The Orielles, Pip Blom. And even for one of their long-time heroes in the form of Spiral Stairs (AKA Scott Kannberg of Pavement). Their constant gigging has seen them build up a dedicated local following. Not to be restricted to God’s own county, the band have plied their wares in mainland Europe, playing a series of unforgettable shows in Germany and the Netherlands.

With more new music to come, this signing looks to be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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