PPC And SEO – Can They Work Together To Drive Higher Google Ranking?

PPC And SEO - Can They Work Together To Drive Higher Google Ranking main

You may have heard of your competitors talking about how PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO has helped them go up the Google ladder. It might have caused you a headache to wonder how they can club PPC and SEO too. Yes, there are special SEO experts and PPC agents, and they work independently, is what you know.

Still, if you look around and hire a PPC agency London-based, like Pearl Lemon, you will know they can combine both. They specialize in PPC, SEO, CRO, Lead generation, and other allied services.

PPC and SEO – The Two Sides of a Coin

True, both PPC and SEO are the two strategies marketers use for boosting sales. As an entrepreneur, you need results in the form of a thriving sales figure. You do not understand anything beyond numbers, and this is where PPC comes to play.

You pay Google or Facebook for the ads that they run and feature your brand at the top. You will, therefore, need to design ads that are captivating and answer user’s search engine queries.

SEO is also based on keywords and content creation to drive traffic. It is precisely where a PPC and an SEO campaign join hands.

PPC ads can show the products on top of the search results and even have your website landing page link thrown under it for better conversion. With SEO, you can add leverage to your PPC campaign, and it will only help boost more traffic.

PPC And SEO - Can They Work Together To Drive Higher Google Ranking

More Tips to Make SEO Work Magic with PPC

These days, businesses or a PPC agency strive to create content to suit customer needs. Does your company pop up on the top of search engine results organically? Say thank you to your SEO expert for working on-page and off-page to make this happen.

If you come across high valued keywords, use them in the SEO content and campaigns. It reduces the risk by using keywords that may have less pay-worth.

It changes from time to time, so you should also work on newer articles using the newer keywords. PPC generates quicker and visible results faster than SEO campaigns. Hence, businesses these days go for the PPC even when they are running an SEO.

Track All the Direct Traffic

When you opt for PPC, you may not know where you get the traffic from. Hence, you may not get a clear report on the channel from where you are getting the traffic. Here, you can use UTM codes and create funnels to guide you on organic and paid ads.

Look for all the avenues where your ads should come online. What options show up when you use the keywords? If there is bad rep news coming up, look for it. Remove the same as it will completely de-valuate your paid Google ads.

Sign up for a comprehensive SEO and PPC package from a reliable PPC agency London-based and earn more for your business.


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