Eight European Soccer Teams You Can Bank On For The 2022-23 Season To Get More Wins

Eight European Soccer Teams You Can Bank On For The 2022-23 Season To Get More Wins

Soccer betting is one of the most popular activities in sports betting. Since the sport is pretty popular and many people enjoy watching the games, we can see that it has become a massive part of the gambling world. These days, you can make Premier League predictions without hassle. All you need is a phone or PC.

It has become easy for anybody to place bets on Soccer, and you can tell that the popularity will continue because there is more to enjoy. The sport’s popularity is undeniable, and the English Premier League has become a significant propeller of the sport. It is the most competitive league.

And since it is also the most popular, Premier League picks remain a significant part of the soccer betting world. Aside from the EPL, there are other bustling leagues across Europe. These leagues produce the top teams that dominate the continent and provide winners of the UCL and other UEFA competitions.

If you want to bet on soccer, you should focus more on Europe because the continent has enough top teams to give plenty of wins. And as the 2022-23 season is on, let’s see some of the teams with the most potential to give you a top-notch win rate. Keep reading to find out more.

Real Madrid

The Los Blancos and Kings of Europe, Real Madrid, is one of the most trustworthy teams in the world. Although they do not play pretty football or classic style, they know how to do the job. The team has had enough exciting moments in history, and they remain the only team in Europe with more than 10 UCL titles.

Bayern Munich

Undoubtedly, Bayern Munich is the most popular team in Germany and the country’s most dominant club. They’ve won the last ten consecutive titles. Aside from that, they are also dominant in Europe. You can count on them to consistently deliver the best results and make you more money than when you bet on random teams.

Manchester City

In England, the competition is high, but if you want to make your Premier League predictions today, Manchester City is a team you can count on. They win most of their games and gather enough points from start to finish. They are the current champions of England and would want to add a European title to their collection. So, they are a leading force in the competition.

Eight European Soccer Teams You Can Bank On For The 2022-23 Season To Get More Wins paris

Paris Saint-Germain

Since the takeover, Paris Saint-Germain has become the most dominant team in the French Ligue 1. They win more games than any other side in the country. Therefore, you can back them in your bets. Even though they might lose once in a while, they will give you a massive return on your investment at the end of the season.

RB Salzburg

In Austria, RB Salzburg is king. They’ve always made it a point to win most of their games in the league as they plan to play in the UEFA Champions League every season and retain the league title. Therefore, we expect to see Salzburg do more in the league and win more games, giving you a better win rate than random teams.


Although they didn’t do well in their UCL campaign, Barcelona is a formidable side in this season’s La Liga campaign. The team is only second to Real Madrid and has continued to push for the first spot. They’ve won most of their games and continue to deliver incredible results. Therefore, we believe they should be part of your picks.


In the Greek Super League, a few teams dominate the division, and Olympiacos is at the top of the pile. The team is consistent, and they win more than they lose. Therefore, you can see that they are a solid side with enough playing experience. You can count on them to deliver a reasonable win rate this season.


Finally on our list is the champion of the Dutch league, Ajax. The team has remained a solid side through the years, and even in the face of significant adversaries like PSV and Feyenoord, they’ve remained dominant in the country.

Ajax is a top team with a European pedigree and would continue to deliver at the highest level. So, they are one of the teams you should consider betting on this season.


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