What are the Benefits of a Stain-Resistant Paint?

What are the Benefits of a Stain-Resistant Paint (2)

Fingerprints, accidental spills, dirt or scratches – these are the results of having a home full of children or pets. While many traditional paints are vulnerable to such accidents, stain-resistant ones will help to maintain the beauty of a freshly painted area. What are the main benefits of this type of paint?

Unique paint formula

Stain-resistant paint is designed to withstand the stains that are made by different substances. The most common ones are coffee, sauces, grease and oil, as well as crayons, pens and markers, which turn to be an artistic way of expressing your kids’ personality. Make-up stains are also quite frequent, especially when you are in a hurry and do not even notice those fluid spots you made in the morning.

Paints that are resistant to stains are designed in a way to create a protective barrier on the surface. It stops stains from penetrating the wall and make the dirt easy to wash off. If you want to prevent your interior from frequent repainting, pick up reliable painting and decorating contractors and start the project with effects that last and last.

Cost-effective solution

Stain-resistant paints usually are more expensive than traditional ones, but despite higher initial costs, they perform better in the long run. With this paint covered your walls, you do not need to repaint the interior as frequently as you would with the traditional choice. What is more, stain-resistant paints have minimal maintenance requirements, which results in less time spent on cleaning or less money spent on professional service.

What are the Benefits of a Stain-Resistant Paint (1)

Increased durability

Thanks to advanced technology, stain-resistant paints demonstrate water- and oil-repellent properties. Its unique formula create a protective coat that prevents different type of liquids from absorbing into the paint. With so innovative solution, this type of paint may last much longer than a classic paint.

The best areas to apply stain-resistant paint

Both commercial and home spaces have high-traffic areas that are prone to spills or grease accumulation. If you are considering to hire painting and decorating contractors to cover your interior with a coat of stain-resistant paint, here are the most common ones:

kitchen – spilling sauces and beverages is something normal in this space, so this should be your first and obvious choice when it comes to painting. Any stain can be wiped with a dry cloth and no one will ever know what happened,
living room – usually occupied by children and pets, with multiple muddy paw prints and handprints left by the youngest ones,
bathroom – walls and tiles are exposed to humidity and if you decide to cover them with a stain-resistant paint, it will act as a protective barrier that prevents moisture from seeping into the walls,
hallway and staircase – areas with increased chance of footprints, marks and stains, that should be definitely taken into consideration before painting project.

Instead of choosing traditional paint, pick up the one that will keep your walls looking fresh and vibrant. With numerous benefits, stain-resistant paints are a great choice.


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