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Moving out of your apartment soon? It’s important not to forget cleaning as you prepare your trip to your next place!

Moving can be stressful, and that includes potential disputes with your landlord or building owner as you prepare to end your financial relationship after an extended period. Many disagreements between landlords and their tenants occur over the end of tenancy cleaning, and whether the property is sufficiently clean. With professional assistance, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Continue reading to learn about end of tenancy cleanings and how you can hire a professional who can get the job done in your home at a great price.This way, you’ll have one less thing to worry about on move out day.

What is an End of Tenancy Cleaning?

An end of tenancy cleaning London is not simply a thorough cleaning: its goal is to return the property to its original state. This way, the apartment can be turned over to its next tenants without hassle.

Sometimes, the landlord or building owner will arrange to clean the apartment once a lease has ended. Usually, however, this responsibility falls on the tenants. Be sure to speak with your landlord well before moving out to learn what expectations they have for the state of your apartment once you’ve left before planning your move.

Assuming the end of tenancy cleaning is your responsibility, it’s important to plan ahead as the cleaning is not always easy, especially if many things have not been well maintained during an individual’s residency. If done unsuccessfully, furthermore, the landlord may feel the tenant has not fulfilled their duty as agreed upon within the original contract.They may take back some of the deposit to finish the cleaning themselves after you’ve moved out.

Should I Call a Professional For My End of Tenancy Cleaning London?

While some people carry out their end of tenancy cleanings on their own, many people instead opt for professional assistance. Due to the nature of the cleaning, completing the task can take several days if you are working on your own, especially if you have not kept your apartment in the best condition during your tenancy. Built up grime, lime scales and stains can also be difficult, if not impossible, to clean without the proper cleaning materials and equipment.

If you are cleaning on your own, it’s worth looking into renting cleaning equipment from department and hardware stores in your area, or asking family and friends for help. Still, calling a professional may ultimately save you moving-day stress and even money in the long run as it can help ensure you receive your full security deposit back. Plan ahead and consider what’s best for you and those you live with before making a decision.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London Prices

Cleaning prices may vary but ultimately depend on the size and general condition of the property in question. Estimates for an end of tenancy cleaning London are as follows:

Studio apartment: £79-99
Single bedroom apartment £99-129
Two bedroom apartment: £129-149
Three bedroom apartment or more: £149+

Since there is no established price for end of tenancy cleanings, it may be worth calling professionals for quotes and comparing the ones you receive ahead of time. If you speak with a professional, be sure to be as specific as possible about your apartment’s size and overall condition so that you can receive an accurate quote.

Deep-Cleaning Checklist

Overwhelmed by the thought of completing your end of tenancy cleaning properly and, perhaps more importantly, forgetting to do something? Not to fear: we have you covered with this deep-cleaning checklist for different parts of your home!

If you are doing the end of tenancy cleaning on your own, be sure to set aside several days for these tasks. Otherwise, a professional team should be able to conduct the cleaning in one business day, but be sure to set aside the whole day for them.

General Tips:

Be sure to dust all out of reach spaces, especially above fans, corners, tops of drawers and cabinets.
Clean under and behind all furniture and appliances, ideally moving the piece of upholstery/appliance to do so.
Be sure to take all personal belongings, especially valuables.
Has anything broken? Let your landlord know, preferably in advance so they know what needs to be replaced.

Cleaning the Living Room, Corridors and Bedroom:

Thoroughly broom and mop all floors.
Ensure furniture and carpets are in a reasonable state. Lift and clean under cushions and mattresses.
Get rid of any cobwebs.

Cleaning the Bathroom:

The bathroom and kitchen are by nature some of the most difficult, but important, spaces to clean during an end of tenancy cleaning London. Grime and molds are particularly likely to build up in these areas, and can even cause health problems if not addressed.

Important pointers when cleaning the bathroom include:

Thoroughly clean all sink and shower handles and nozzles.
Clean the radiators and/or the bathroom fan.
Thoroughly clean the insides of the washer or dryer, if you own either machine.
Deep-clean the toilet bowl and toilet rim.
Mop the floors and spray down wall tiles.
Thoroughly clean the shower, and be sure to unclog the shower drain if necessary.
Cleaning the Kitchen:

Like the bathroom, the kitchen can be difficult to clean. But without a deep clean, food particles and unclean surfaces can easily attract unwanted pests, mold and other problems.

When cleaning the kitchen, be sure to focus on the following:

De-grease the microwave and oven, and be sure to thoroughly wipe down the stove and countertops.
If requested, defrost the fridge and freezer at least 24 hours before moving out. Ensure the fridge is thoroughly cleaned as it can be an easy place for bacteria to grow when turned off.
Thoroughly mop down all floors.
Thoroughly clean the inside of the dishwasher, if you have one.
Remove any food particles and splashes from and behind surfaces and appliances.

Do I Need To Clean My Carpets and Upholstery? What About the Property’s Exterior?

It’s worth speaking to your landlord about the state of the carpets and furniture in your apartment, especially if you live in a pre-furnished apartment. Many landlords understand that carpet and furniture wear-and-tear over time is just the nature of apartment life. Still, if major damage has been done, money may be taken from your security deposit from the beginning of your lease to cover repair and replacement cost.

Many end of tenancy cleaners do not include carpet or upholstery cleaning within their end of tenancy cleaning service, but some may or may be happy to provide the service at an additional cost or even as part of a larger package deal or bundle.

Typically, your landlord will take care of the exterior of your apartment for you, such as windows, doors, balconies, and the yard, but this may depend on what was agreed upon in the original lease. Be sure to check in with your landlord to confirm whether you will need to restore any aspect of the “exterior” part of your apartment before leaving the premises.

Looking for a Professional for an End of Tenancy Cleaning London? We Can Help!

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