What Should Be In a Child’s Bedroom?


Apart from the obvious necessary furniture, there are plenty of accessories you may consider. This article isn’t meant to claim that you need to buy everything mentioned here. It’s meant as an inspiration for you to fill up your child’s room with meaningful objects they can add to their life. 

A Plant, a Plant Container, Forrest in a Jar

People are inexplicably drawn to nature and the greenery. It’s not just a decoration. It simply makes everyone happy. What’s more, your child will have something to look after and practice being responsible. 

A Handmade Table

Something handmade will make your child proud. Why not a table? It’s practical and easy to craft. There’s no need for building it from scratch, however, it’s possible. Painting it over with colourful paints should be enough to make your little one talk about it every time someone visits their room. 

A Set of Colourful Pillows

That’s an easy way to add colour to your child’s bedroom with no risk that they stop liking the colour out of the blue. Children’s interests keep changing constantly, so it’s better to let them choose decorations, rather than the colour of the walls or furniture. Pillows are also quite necessary for a pillow fight, and that’s great fun. 

A Montessori Floor Bed or a Loft Bed

Both options don’t only provide a comfortable and safe place to sleep, but also enable a child to build their secret hide-away.Montessori floor bed has a wooden frame in the shape of a house, which a kid can throw a blanket on and pretend they’re in the Indian wigwam or whatever their imagination tells them. A loft bed can be covered with a blanket, too, to create a secluded place underneath. 

An Intriguing Puzzle

A child’s room may inspire them to think and solve puzzles. It’s a good idea to put something not obvious for your child to keep their curiosity level up. It doesn’t always have to be a puzzle. Why not consider a complex piece of art, a technical drawing, an old object, a wooden model? 

A Spare Mattress

That’s something not to forget. Most children love sleepovers, so it’s worth getting equipped for the potential guests. Being prepared, you’ll encourage your child’s socializing, because they sense when something is a problem for their parents, and they don’t want to do that. Why not assure them in advance that there is such an opportunity?  

A Wall-Sized Pinboard

This could be used as a beautiful display of your child’s interests, favourite characters, songs, pictures from magazines, paintings, and school projects. Such a display may seem chaotic to you, but it will be important for your child. 

A Set of Colourful Frames

As an alternative to the pinboard, this can make your child’s art more organized. It also shows a bit more care and appreciation. 

A Magic Lamp

The atmosphere of any room can be altered with proper lighting. That’s why in most bedrooms there is a dimmed lamp. In the kid’s bedroom, there must be a fun lamp. How about colourful light, a star-shaped lamp, or a blinking lamp?

I hope you’re not running to the store immediately. Children often make adults lose their reasonable self. Those were inspirations, but double-check whether they’re adequate in your case. 


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