Is it Cheap to Build Your Standing Desk?


Want to hitch the standing desk revolution, but don’t want to buy an upscale sit-stand workstation? Roll in the hay yourself by setting these Goals for your very own standing desk office.

Everyone seems to be talking about DIY standing desks, and offices everywhere the country are offering employees the choice to convert to the new contraptions. But why would people want to face all day?

It seems that each one of those hours we spend sitting at our computers for work (not to say in the dark ahead of the television) vastly increases our risk of disorder, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. It’d even be as bad as smoking.

Fortunately, manufacturers everywhere on the planet have answered the decision of this health crisis by inventing tall desks so you’ll be up and out of your seat and still get work done. Many of those desks even have adjustable legs or mechanisms for changing the desk height, so you’ll switch back and forth between seated and standing throughout the day. A pleasant thanks to modify your environment!

With this new level of power over our health in hand, many of us have opted for the DIY approach to standing desks also. In our guide below, we will list everything you’ll need to create your standing desk within the big variety of the way they will be made.

Whatever style you accompany, just confine mind that for ergonomic purposes, it’s best to possess the desktop be at elbow height. Here are the fundamentals to start out planning what you’ll need and the way to allow it.

1. The Toolkit

To build this standing desk, you’re getting to need basic tools, like screwdrivers, hammers, screws, nails, and perhaps even a saw. Simply getting a basic carpenter’s kit will get you all that and more, and you’ll be ready to use it in many other areas of your life. Who knows, your health could be so radically transformed by utilizing a standing desk that you simply find the energy to unleash your inner-handyman and combat a bunch of other DIY projects.

2. The Desktop

No matter what quiet standing desk you’re building, you would like a piece of surface. There are many various options for this, including bamboo tabletops, shelves of varied sizes, framed slats, or maybe unfinished slabs of wood. What you select depends on how big you would like your desk to be and the way you would like it to seem. We encourage you to urge creativity!

Is it Cheap to Build Your Standing Desk office

3. The Support

Now, let’s give this project legs. There are a couple of alternative ways you’ll support your desktop. A simple way is to make a saw-horse found out, very similar to traditional sawhorses employed by carpenters. The saw-horse leg option just requires an idea, wood move length (likely by a pleasant worker at your local home improvement store), two saw-horse brackets, and a few screws. There is a variety of wall-mount and leg options available also. In place of committing to a standing desk full-time, you would possibly also consider legs or wall-mounts short enough to sit on top of your current normal desk so you continue to have the choice to take a seat.

4. The Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing at the desk all day is healthier than sitting. Fortunately, the worst which will happen to your health now’s that your legs get tired. Anti-fatigue mats provide a cushioned surface for you to face thereon drastically reduces the quantity of pressure on your knees, ankles, and hip joints. Adding these to your standing desk will reduce your risk for cardiovascular problems and cause you to desire you’re standing in bliss. Don’t scrimp on this expense—your mat could mean the difference between you committing to standing all day, and taking a load off.

5. The Stool

Don’t be ashamed—there could be some days where you only don’t desire standing all the time, or, play wood, where you would possibly be injured and unable to face. Why limit the functionality of your desk to the functionality of your legs? Plow ahead and obtain a stool for those times where you only got to sit down and hunch your computer to urge something done. And if it causes you to feel better, just consider it as a multi-functional side table.


With the help of the above methods, you can easily build a wonderful standing desk for you. The above methods given are not so expensive so you can easily afford these methods if you don’t want to invest lots of money in buying a standing desk.


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