Bird Damage to Solar Panels: How to Prevent It

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Have birds ever gotten on your solar panels and caused you trouble? Pigeons and other birds of a similar nature like perching on top of rooftops. Whereas the feathers and bird droppings left behind are undoubtedly a negative, homeowners with solar panels installed on their roofs face far more severe drawbacks. In this article, we will look at the various damages birds can cause to your solar panels and how to prevent them from happening. But first, let’s understand why birds like making nests on solar panels

Perks of solar panels to birds

The presence of solar panels across the planet greatly benefits birds. Birds can live better thanks to solar panels since they lessen pollutants. The birds that dwell outside our homes are severely harmed by pollution and climate change.

Although they produce green energy, wind turbines may disturb and occasionally even collide with birds as they soar through the air due to their enormous blades. Solar panels generate clean electricity without endangering the nearby birds and animals.

Bird damages on solar panels

Birds perched on solar panels may scratch or dent them. Birds landing on your solar panels might damage the surface by scratching or scuffing it. It isn’t ideal for the lifespan of your solar panels when they have scratches and other damage that might result in diminished performance.

Corrosion May Occur Due to Birds Dwelling Under Solar Panels

Birds enjoy building nests beneath solar panels because they are warm. Corrosion, however, might be brought on by many nesting birds underneath your panels. You don’t want your asset to come into contact with harmful materials like bird droppings.

Birds might collide with the glass

Like windows, the glass of your solar panels may be harmed if birds fly into them directly. The life and effectiveness of your solar panels can be severely impacted by these incidents, whether it results in cracking or a complete break.

Bird Damage to Solar Panels How to Prevent It

Birds may bring in more pests

Other animals may be drawn to the area around your solar panels if there are a lot of birds around. Some animals, including snakes and sometimes even squirrels, eat birds and their eggs. If you let birds construct nests beneath your solar panels, other animals out hunting may damage the panels’ installation.

How to prevent bird damage on solar panels

Installing roof spikes

Roof spikes are a more active technique to regulate pigeons nesting under solar panels. Roof spikes won’t harm any animals or birds, although they can be pretty hazardous if you walk on the roof alone. The animals are intelligent enough to understand that they will have trouble stepping on the spikes. Roof spikes will deter flocks of birds from attempting to nest on your roof, keeping your solar panels and roof clean in the process.

Install bird mesh

Never would you want to cover your whole roof or house with mesh. Bird netting is unsightly and can significantly reduce your home’s visual appeal. However, by patching the surrounding spaces, you can prevent animals like birds from getting underneath your solar panels.

Plastic predator installation

Birds and other animals can be scared away with the help of plastic predators. The most pleasing thing is that you can simply conceal the fake predators from your regular life. Just tuck them out in the nearby trees or on top of your roof, somewhere hidden. The only drawback to this approach is that squirrels and birds may occasionally discern that the plastic attacker is fake.


Birds can be adorable but destructive to solar panels’ effectiveness or functionality. Employ the method you find appropriate for solar panels pigeon proofing.


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