What Really is Sustainable Chocolate and Confectionary Packaging


You’re probably hearing about sustainability on a daily basis. If you have a brand, you probably already know how important it is to take responsibility for environmental preservation. 

More and more brands, including those that sell different types of deserts, are now choosing the option of eco-friendly chocolate and confectionary packaging. But what really does that mean and how to actually know if the packaging offered by certain companies really is sustainable?

These days the brands that are eco-oriented are winning more customers over because that’s a requirement in our world today. Here is how to know if you can really trust the brand and understand better what exactly are you purchasing. 

How to Know if Chocolate and Confectionary Packaging is Eco-Friendly 

Generally, sustainable production could be defined as products with a decreased amount of negative impact on the environment. 

Sustainable packaging would be produced from completely eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment. They are materials, which can be recycled, and are completely biodegradable, which is necessary because customers are not always going to recycle the box.

Some materials have lifecycles that end up in environmental pollution and harm to nature and for human health too. That is why another requirement for sustainability is that the materials have lifecycles, which are completely healthy. 

For example, the packs you can find in ThePackLion.com are completely biodegradable, recyclable, and the company takes care of planting at least two new trees for each one that has been cut down for paper. 

What is also important about sustainability, and is part of eco-friendly chocolate packaging, is transportation. It should be an alternative to transportation using fossil fuels. 

Since packaging is necessary for the transportation of the products, here is how to actually know if at least it is eco-friendly if you want to contribute to environmental preservation. 

How Green is it Really?

Nowadays there is a process going on, called “greenwashing”. It describes that manufacturers are trying to make the public believe that a certain product is sustainable, by labelling it as “green”.   

The reality is that many of these products are not actually eco-friendly, but companies have their way with words, and they take advantage of the fact that many people are not actually well-informed about what “green” actually means. 

That is why you should always question what companies are telling you, and make sure that you are really making sustainable choices when purchasing certain products.

Here below is how you can actually check how much of that information presented to you by companies is actually true. 

Eco Markers 

There are some official eco markers that manufacturers could use to label their products, that prove that the packaging really is sustainable. Those markers include abbreviations such as FSC, PEFC, Green Dot, Recyclable, Plastic Free.

If you see any markers on a chocolate and confectionery box, always make sure that it’s official, because this is the best way to know that you can trust that particular brand. 

Certified Packaging Supplier 

Suppliers who offer customizable Chocolate and Confectionery packaging that really is sustainable should be certified for that. Fortunately, you should be able to see that in their website, or have access to that information in some sort of way. 

If you are looking for a certified packaging supplier for your business, then ThePackLion.com is the right place for you. Otherwise, if you do not make sure that the supplier has the necessary certificate, there is no way to know if the product is really eco-friendly and what sorts of materials have been used in its production. 

Information by the Manufacturer 

There is no guarantee that any text on the packaging is telling the truth, but if the manufacturer has put in the effort to give proper explanations about the package he uses, then that makes it at least a little bit more trustworthy. 

If you really want to check if the materials are eco-friendly, you could contact the company’s team and require information. If they are really using sustainable materials for the boxes, then they wouldn’t have a problem with providing their customers with the necessary information. 

What are Some Examples of Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Ecologically friendly chocolate and confectionery boxes would be made of non-plastic materials that are plant-based. The best option is cardboard, which can be made from different natural materials that completely decompose in nature without doing any harm. 

You can also opt for plastic that is based on biological materials, but there are many downsides to that, such as the fact that it’s more expensive, the production process is not so sustainable, and it doesn’t decompose as quickly as natural cardboard does. 

Corrugated cardboard also has the advantage that it appears more natural to customers, which attracts them a lot more nowadays. 



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