Are You Ready to Move to an Electric Vehicle?

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Electric Vehicles, or EVs, have existed for well over a century. But today they are seeing a renaissance that the automotive industry hasn’t experienced in a long time. More and more are introduced to UK roads each day, and the ecological argument for switching is very convincing indeed. But are you ready for the switch?

Is the UK Ready for Electric Cars?

With the government set to enforce a ban on the sale of new gas-guzzlers in 2030, alternatively-fuelled cars are seeing increased development and interest from major vehicle manufacturers. But as more EVs become commercially available, concerns have been raised regarding the number of charging points available for drivers. Reports have already surfaced regarding inequality in charging point distribution, unfairly disadvantaging the adoption of EVs in certain regions.

Motorist Concerns

Valid concerns regarding the UK’s infrastructural readiness for EVs are compounded by individual motorist concerns, regarding whether an EV could suit their personal needs. Some are of the opinion that electric cars are not powerful enough for motorway travel yet, while others may have concerns regarding miles-per-charge.

However, EV innovation is moving at breakneck pace, and brand-new vehicles on the market today are a vast improvement on models from even a year or two prior. If you have concerns about the suitability of a given EV for your lifestyle and requirements, you could always book in a test drive with a local showroom.

Alternatively, a friend may have already bought into EVs, and may be able to offer their thoughts, or even a test drive of their personal vehicle. All you would need is temporary car insurance to cover you to drive it, and you would be spared the expectations of a showroom or seller upon completing your test drive. You can learn more about electric car insurance policies here.

Are You Ready to Move to an Electric Vehicle

The Pros and Cons of EVs

Ultimately, electric vehicles are a force for good, and innovation ensures that they will be a permanent fixture on automotive markets for time to come. Still, their present iterations have their disadvantages; here, we will illustrate the pros and cons of owning an EV in the present day, allowing you to evaluate your readiness for one on your own terms.

The Pros

– Electric vehicles are much better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars, reducing emissions by up to 70%.
– Electric vehicles are also vastly cheaper to run than their combustion-engine-ed counterparts, with the cost of electricity beating the rising cost of liquid fuels.
– EVs are more mechanically reliable and easier to maintain, being designed with fewer moving parts than hybrid- or petrol-powered cards.
– Fully electric cars are exempt from road tax, producing no direct CO2 emissions. They also enable seamless travel through low-emission zones like London’s LEZ and ULEZ.

The Cons

– EVs are currently a more expensive prospect than petrol-powered cars, especially when bought brand-new. This outlay can often prove too much for an average budget or first-time driver.
– Older models of electric car are less efficient than newer iterations, creating a significant gap in capability between used models and brand-new models.
– For regular long-distance drivers, the combination of limited available charging points and poor battery life can make travelling a time-consuming experience.


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