How Managers and Business Owners can Retain their Staff

How Managers and Business Owners can Retain their Staff main

When you have a vital part of the team, it’s of course in your best interests to keep them as long as you can and watch them grow with the company. Going through the recruitment process, when you already have the skill set you need in-house can be a costly and time-consuming process – and one you want to avoid. As such, it’s critical to your ongoing business strategy that you have processes in place to retain your staff. Here we have outlined some guidance as to how you can do that.

Take their Wellbeing into Consideration

Wellbeing is a big thing in the workplace these days. Most companies are creating bespoke wellbeing policies for their business as they understand it’s how to attract and retain staff. This can include the introduction of remote or hybrid working to suit the personal needs of the individual employees. It can also include things like wellbeing days, where everyone in the business gets a day to focus solely on their wellbeing. Introducing fresh fruit deliveries, yoga classes, and life coaching has also been something that’s popular. It could also be something like ensuring your team takes the appropriate breaks required for them to function effectively. It lets your team know that you care about them as individuals and not just what they can do for businesses.

Arrange More Social Interactions

There’s no doubt that social interactions are a great way to build relationships within your team. It’s good to see how people are outwith the 9-5 environment, and you can learn a lot about them as a person and build on skills you might not know they even had. It could be that you have a monthly social, that you arrange team building days – or you place a larger focus on seasonal events such as Halloween, or Christmas to make it a fun time for everyone. You can outsource this to businesses such as Team Tactics who will make the experience completely hassle-free for you.

How Managers and Business Owners can Retain their Staff

Keep Constant Communication Flowing

A lot of problems can be completely avoided by keeping the communication flowing. Make sure you, or your HR team put time in place to regularly catch up with your employees and understand how they are feeling, what their development goals are – and what you can do to get them there. These make your team feel heard, and can prevent any resentment that may arise if you don’t uncover any issues at the time they arise.

Reward them for Positive Results

We all like to feel appreciated, and a little recognition can go a long way. If your team are performing well, or are going over and above what is expected of them – then make sure you reward them for this. This can take many forms. It could be a financial reward in terms of a bonus or pay raise, or perhaps it could be a title change or promotion. You can also implement tangible rewards such as giving vouchers as a thank you, treat boxes, extra holidays, or the opportunity for more flexibility and responsibility within the company. For best results, don’t be scared to put a survey or a suggestion box out to your team and they can give you their opinion as to what they would like in terms of recognition and rewards.

If you want to ensure your retention policies are in place in a bid to retain your top talent, then hopefully this has given you some tips as to things that you can incorporate.


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