Why You Should Have Dedicated Prescription Glasses For Sport

Why You Should Have Dedicated Prescription Glasses For Sport main

It does not matter whether you are a parent with years of experience in a specific sport, an older person taking up a new sport/hobby, or a young person starting out for the first time.

If you do not have 20/20 vision, you will need lenses or spectacles for sport.

You are certainly not alone. It is estimated that 65% of people need corrective lenses. Of course, if you play a sport, especially a physically demanding one, you will need to wear glasses while playing.

Why dedicated sports glasses are the best solution

In some cases, it will be acceptable to use your regular glasses for sport. However, it’s generally best to get a dedicated sports glasses prescription.

First, an additional eye examination and test can identify a different prescription than the standard one for the sport you intend to play. This means that you will need dedicated sports glasses.

However, in most cases, the lenses will be the same and prescription sports glasses will be useful for several other reasons:

● Safety

Sport can be dangerous: no matter what sport you play, you can be hit by debris or sports equipment. If debris hits your eyes, you can suffer damage to your eyesight.

For this reason, everyone who plays sports, especially contact sports, should wear safety glasses. The eyes are generally considered one of the most important organs of the body and can be easily damaged, so it is essential to protect them, and dedicated glasses are the best option.

● Reaction Time

In most sports, the speed of reactions makes a big difference on the outcome. For example, being able to turn and anticipate where a ball will land can ensure that you are in the right place.

But this is only possible if you can clearly see the ball before it lands. Sports eyeglasses ensure that this is possible and allow you to reach the top of the game.

Why You Should Have Dedicated Prescription Glasses For Sport cycling

● Comfort

As already mentioned, it is possible to wear normal spectacles for sport and this may be acceptable if you go running. However, sports glasses are designed to stay on your face, even when you sweat or turn in various directions.

They are more comfortable and allow you to forget about having them on your face and not risk them coming off. This is important for your safety and the success of the game.

● Improved Focus

Comfortable sports glasses become almost invisible: you’ll find you have better peripheral vision, which is often useful in sports. This is because of the shape and design of sports glasses versus standard ones.

In addition, using comfortable sports glasses means you won’t have to worry about losing them or them coming off, which means you can focus fully on the sport and getting the best possible results.

Summing Up

Of course, sports glasses can also be used on a daily basis, making them a useful spare. It is worth taking this into account when ordering your next pair. You will find a wide range of options to choose from.


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