Music Of The Spheres: Eager Coldplayers In Helsinki Begin Countdown To Coldplay’s Arrival – Here’s Why


Coldplay is set to take the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” to Finland on the 27th of July this year, and the anticipation is already driving their fans there crazy, with every merch related to the band being rushed for in stores.

We’ve seen this type of anticipation before, and we know too well what it does to an economy. Firstly, stores, where Coldplay Merchandise can be found, will be extremely busy in the coming months because Coldplayers will be eager to have something that will make them stand out when they finally attend Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” concerts that are scheduled to be held in Helsinki Olympic Stadium for 4 nights.

Secondly, coupled with the anticipation is the fact that people who haven’t secured tickets to the concerts will be on the lookout for any available ticket which will cause lots and lots of traffic on known sites where the tickets are sold.

Luckily, we have an alternative tickets marketplace where you can easily get Coldplay Helsinki Tickets thereby bypassing the traffic online – that is if you fall in the category of people yet to secure Coldplay tickets.

Thirdly, there is the eagerness to feel alive, living in each known magical moment of the “Music of the Spheres World Tour.” Moments that we now have lots of since Coldplay embarked on the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” in March 2022.

Regardless of the level of anticipation you’re at, at the moment, know that Coldplay bringing the “Music of the Spheres” world tour to Helsinki will be one of the greatest things to happen in Finland this year. “One of the Greatest” thanks to the British band’s ability to go beyond ordinary with their live performance.

Coldplay has managed to connect people’s imaginations with reality. And, it’s not like the world wasn’t informed of their plans to make the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” an “Out of the World” experience since Coldplay’s Chris Martin mentioned it in an interview while speaking about “Music of the Spheres,” the album which their 8th career tour is based upon.

Chris Martin stated “It’s another record about life as a human person, but given this freedom that comes when you pretend it’s about other creatures in other places,” with the “other places” presumably being the galaxy.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 5 songs on the “Music of the Spheres World Tour Set-List” that were truly an “Out of the World Experience” amidst Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” concerts.

Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars Performance

The performance of “A Sky Full Of Stars” always creates an “out of the world” experience for everyone at Coldplay concerts.

The way Coldplay does this is magical. The stadium lights up with different lights synced with the song’s beats and performance. People at the concert could see stars up in the stadium’s sky.

Even though we know it is just a simulation of what the galaxy will look like when having an up-close look, the song still creates the perfect memory for so many people when Coldplay performs it.

Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” lyrics contribute to the beauty of the moment. It’s the type of song you listen to and sing out loud for self-affirmation.

That moment when nothing seems to be working fine in your life, and you feel like the whole world is against you, “A Sky Full Of Stars” creates an “everything is gonna be alright” kind of inspiration. Especially the part where Coldplay sang, “’Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark.”

It makes you want to get up and get on with it regardless of the obstacle. After all, “you light up the path” because “you’re a sky full of stars.”

Coldplay – Biutyful Performance

Have you watched the video of “Biutyful” on Coldplay’s official YouTube channel? You should, if you haven’t. It’s so great that they try to make the live performance of the same song as magical as the music video.

“Biutyful” speaks about acceptance and tolerance in a community. The collaboration between Coldplay and “The Weirdos” came out to be one of the best collaborations ever in the history of entertainment.

One of their live performances of “Biutyful” amidst the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” caught the attention of millions of people, when the video was posted on YouTube.

The live performance featured the popular “Angel Moon,” “Donk” the drummer and other band members that turned out to be the next big thing according to Coldplay’s music video.

Coldplay and “The Weirdos” performed on stage in Argentina. It was truly a remarkable sight, and one you should look out for.

Coldplay – Fly On Performance

Coldplay’s “Fly On” creates a soothing feeling anytime it comes on. The British band managed to create one of the greatest masterpieces in “Ghost Stories,” their 6th career album. 

Even though the “Music of the Spheres” world tour is not considered an “Era Tour” like that of Taylor Swift, the British band still has an addition of songs from their previous albums in the set list of the “Music of the Spheres” world tour.

“Fly On” is one such song, and from the positive feedback that fans keep leaving, after each of Coldplay’s performances, there’s no doubt that Coldplay made the best decision to add it to their current tour’s setlist.

Oftentimes, “Fly On” has been described as a spiritual healing song. The song starts with ambient sounds that create a sense of calmness in its listener. When Coldplay performed the same song in Tokyo Dome, the crowd’s reaction said it all – that the song was a soul-healing masterpiece.

Coldplay – Sunrise Performance

Coldplay took their time in the creation of “Sunrise” which is one of the most anticipated live performances of the British band, amidst their “Music of the Spheres” world tour.

When Coldplay visited London for the live performance of “Sunrise” in Wembley Stadium, the crowd went quiet, like intending not to miss a beat while Coldplay performed.

All you could hear was Coldplay working their magic on stage, while the crowd kept clapping softly, not to interrupt the band. And then, the background voice that started talking about what is happening to the earth, and Coldplay’s wish not to harm the earth with their tour added to the speciality of the moment.

Hopefully, y’all in Helsinki get to feel the same vibe when Coldplay brings the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” to you in July, this year.

Coldplay – My Universe Performance

This time, we’ll be talking about one of the most amazing collaborations in the history of music, Coldplay’s collaboration between BTS and “Supernova 7.” This collaboration continues to break the known barrier to what is impossible in this world of technology.

What makes the whole thing amazing is that they managed to replicate the same scenes shown in the “My Universe” video, in their live performance in Australia’s Optus Stadium, through holographic technology.

Coldplay used holography to make BTS appear live with them on stage, during their performance in Australia, and the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. “My Universe” generally represents the fact that Coldplay is trying to prove with their 8th career tour. That is the fact that “Music of the Spheres” is an “out of the world” experience.


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