A Q&A with Millie Manders and the Shutup

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Fierce and addictive – introducing the politically charged Millie Manders and The Shutup…

How did you get the title of your latest release, and what does it mean to you?
Millie: I wanted something that represented the story of the album, that spoke about individual tracks as well as the whole. We discussed it as a band and variations came up, but this felt the truest.

What was the hardest part about putting this release together, and why?
The initial pre-production stages were really tough because of all of us working and how spread out we all are. A lot of the writing had to be done remotely, and communication is so much easier face to face.

Who produced the release – what did they bring to it?
We worked with John Mitchell, who has produced albums for Enter Shikari, You Me At Six and a bunch of other huge names. We knew the sound we wanted but John made it so much more. His guidance, and intuitive ears, in the studio was exactly what we needed.

What do you want the listener to take away from listening to your music?
I hope people discover they are not alone. That they have more understanding of mental health issues. That even one person thinks about their impact both positively and negatively on the world and other people. But, the bottom line, I hope they enjoy it.

How does a track normally come together? Can you tell us something about the process?
There are all kinds of processes. I don’t think we have a specific go-to. Sometimes James sends me a track and I have lyrics that work or I write something new. Sometimes I have a full song in my head and direct the guys. Ale has come up with chords and we’ve developed from there. I’ve written on my ukulele and then the band have developed the full sound. It’s very song dependent.

Which bands/artists have influenced you the most since you started this project, and why?
I would say we have inflections of Enter Shikari, Skindred, Skunk Anansie, Stand Atlantic, Scroobius Pip and more.

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When the world is back to normal where would you like to tour, and why?

If you could pick one track for our readers to listen to in order to get a taste of your music, what would you pick, and why?
Another hard question!! I think we would all probably pick something different. I’d say that ‘Your Story’ probably has the sound that is reflected in the majority of our tracks – upbeat, bouncy, punky. But we love to mix it up so much too!

What ambitions do you have for the band/your career?
I’d like to tour outside of the UK more. I’d like to collaborate with AI and I would love to do some more vocal collaborations.

Finally, as you leave the stage, what are your parting words?
Usually an outpouring of thanks and gratitude for people being there to watch us.

The debut album from Millie Manders and the Shutup, ‘Telling Truths, Breaking Ties’ is released on 23rd October
For more info visit millie-manders.com


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