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Seattle-sound influenced Spanish rock outfit…

What’s the title of your latest release, and what does it mean to you?
Our latest release has been ‘A Thousand Shadows’ and it talks about the ways in which an unresolved love or relationship can end up haunting you and sort of follow you wherever you go. It’s about all of the memories and experiences that you’re somehow forced to leave behind and the stages you go through with it.

What was the hardest part about putting this release together, and why?
Well, actually it was easy, we already had the structure done for some time, and the lyrics came out in no time. We were playing it a couple of times and Erik grabbed a pen and paper and wrote the lyrics in one go.

What do enjoy most about producing your own material?
Most of our songs are produced by ourselves, maybe it’s because we want to control everything. Sometimes we miss a vision from the outside, but we also really enjoy taking the song to the end with only our own decisions.

What do you want the listener to take away from listening to your music?
We would like you to take away the energy that we try to transmit in each of our songs, and listen to the message because perhaps our history is not so different from your history and that will make you connect with us and our music.

How does a track normally come together? Can you tell us something about the process?
Basically we start with a riff, to which we all contribute until we get a structure, then we move on to the melodies and finally the lyrics. Maybe not a very orthodox method, but it has given us good results.

What band/artists have influenced you the most since you started this project, and why?
Well, each of us has our own influences, but as a band it’s obvious that we’re heavily influenced by the 90’s Seattle sound, from bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and others.

What countries would you like to tour? Are there any standout venues you’d like to play in?
Well, all countries have their charm, connecting with fans from all of them would be wonderful. But we have to admit that we would really like to play in the UK, perhaps because of the importance it has had in the entire history of music.

Freedivers band interview

If you could pick one track for our readers to listen to in order to get a taste of your music, what would you pick, and why?
It’s hard to choose. I like them all, but maybe ‘The Offering’ for the energy it transmits.

What ambitions do you have for the band/your career?
We really don’t have too many expectations, we don’t know how long the band will last. but we would like to connect with as many people as possible. We would like something of us to remain in them. Time will tell.

Finally, as you leave the stage, what are your parting words?
Take care and be happy.

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